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Not to be confused with "War Zones", open PvEvP maps.
See also House of Torg Rebellion for the article on the actual conflict.

Warzone is an episode, i.e., chain of missions, that entails the aftermath of the feud between the House of Martok and the House of Torg and then moves on to the conflict between the Klingon Empire and the Federation. Some missions of "Warzone" have previously been the first half of the "Klingon Sector"-episode.

List of missions of Warzone[edit | edit source]

Lvl Name Giver Release Date
8+ “Bringing Down the House” J'mpok July, 27 2010
8+ “The House Always Wins” Sirella July, 27 2010
8+ “Second Star to the Right, Straight on 'til Morning” J'mpok July, 27 2010
8+ “Keep Your Enemies Closer” J'mpok July, 27 2010

Notes[edit | edit source]

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