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Star Trek Online account @PhyrexianHero

  • Administrator on STOwiki and Accolades channel.
  • Federation fleets: Section 31 (leader), Republic Intelligence (leader)
  • Klingon fleet: Klingon Intelligence (leader)

I have also gotten some attention as the discoverer of the dilithium currency conversion formula (old link) that revealed how Cryptic was penalizing its subscribers who had accrued the most currency. My hour-plus long interview about it was featured on Priority One #57 "It's the Economy, P'Takh!" (25 November 2011). The feedback this generated from the community ultimately led to not only an official explanation from the interim Executive Producer Stephen D'Angelo, but an eleventh hour compromise for compensation to those players most affected by the conversion's diminishing returns. The follow-up was covered in my second interview at Priority One #58 "We'll always have Paris" (2 December 2011).

On November 12, 2012 I posted the STF currency conversion formula (old link) after Cryptic had refused to release the rate details.

Priority One #132 "Dilithium Mine Shafted" (17 June 2013) had me back for my opinion and analysis on the third fleet holding for the Fleet Advancement System, the Dilithium Mine.

STF Personal Best Optional Times Remaining
(Post-Delta Rising)
STF Normal Advanced
Infected 11:37 (space)
??? (ground)
12:07/15:00 (space)
??? (ground)
The Cure  ??? (space)
??? (ground)
4:58/7:00 (space)
3:49 (ground)
Khitomer Accord  ??? (space)
??? (ground)
11:37/15:00 (space)
??? (ground)

Crystalline Catastrophe (Advanced): 4:14 [timer starts at 4:50?]

STF Personal Best Optional Times Remaining (Pre-Delta Rising)
STF Normal Elite
Infected 8:34 (space)
5:58 (ground)
11:46 (space)
5:52 (ground)
The Cure 11:27 (space) 11:55 (space)
4:20 (ground)
Khitomer Accord 9:57 (space)
6:29 (ground, post-changes)
10:35 (space)
5:19 (ground, post-changes)
8:04 (ground, pre-changes)

Ground normal STFs give 6 Omega Marks for optional, 24 Omega Marks for completion.
Space elite STFs give 15 Omega Marks for optional, 60 Omega Marks for completion.
Ground elite STFs give 22 Omega Marks for optional, 112 Omega Marks for completion.

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