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Personal Covariant Shield

Personal Shield icon.png
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Personal Covariant Shield
Rare Personal Shield
Bind On Pickup
Rear Admiral, Upper Half
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

399.3 Maximum Shield Capacity

Rapidly regenerates after 6 seconds of not taking damage.

Value: 12,450 Energy credit icon.png

The Personal Covariant Shield, like a starship Covariant Shield Array, has has a much larger capacity than a normal personal shield of its level while suffering reduced regeneration. This item is available at all Marks up to and including Mark XI.

Game DescriptionEdit

Covariant Personal Shields boasts much higher capacity than normal shields, but it takes twice as long for the shield to begin recharging after it sustains damage.


The Personal Covariant Shield can be obtained from the Romulan Mystery mission “Empress Sela”.


The Personal Covariant Shield Mk XI can be upgraded using the Ground Gear Tech Upgrades. It will receive an additional modifier on successful rarity improvement:

Icon Rarity Added Modifier Item Modifiers
Very Rare [Cap] [Cap]
Ultra Rare [Reg] [Cap] [Reg]
Epic [Cap2] [Cap2] [Cap] [Reg]

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