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Miner Foreman

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Faction Neutral.pngMiner Foreman
Miner foreman image.png
Fleet Dilithium Mine
Duty Officer Assignment Giver

The Miner Foreman gives the mining assignments. He is located in the Fleet Dilithium Mine Interior Floor 1.

Assignments givenEdit

Mining AssignmentsEdit

Depending on your Dilithium Mine Development Facilities Tier there are two different assignments availlable. They award   ,   ,  , Skill Point and   (...Dilithium Vein/Ore Deposit) or   (...Mineral Deposit). On Critical Success they additionally award   and  .

Uncommon Assignments (Development Tier 1)Edit

Rare Assignments (Development Tier 2)Edit

Very Rare Assignments (Development Tier 3)Edit

Dilithium Ore Refining AssignmentEdit

Once your Fleet Dilithium Mine has reached Tier 2 you can unlock this assignment from a construction project.

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