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Kuumaarke is a Lukari scientist, administrator, and (later) captain of her fleet's flagship.

Missions involvedEdit

Season Eleven: New Dawn

  • “Sunrise”: The player, investigating unusual solar activity in an Unexplored System, discovers Kuumaarke's homeworld within the system. Administrator Kuumaarke has been attempting to save her world by stabilizing the star, but has been unable to do so. The player assists Kuumaarke with her plan to launch a warp-capable probe into the star. This plan fails; however, Kal Dano arrives with advanced technology to assist. Aboard Dano's ship, Kuumaarke and the player are attacked by Tholians. The player is able to repel the Tholians and stabilize the star, and Kuumaarke returns home.

Expansion Three: Agents of Yesterday (Artifacts)

Season Twelve: Reckoning

  • “Of Signs and Portents”: Captain Kuumaarke, now commanding the L.S.S. Reskava, accompanies the player and General Rodek in investigating the use of Protomatter weapons by the Tzenkethi.
  • Lukari Restoration Initiative reputation faction
    • “A Message from the Lukari I”: In a log, Kuumaarke reveals that the Reskava, in conjunction with Deep Space K-13, is running simulations on the conditions on Draconis III prior to the detonation of the Protomatter bomb. Her intent is to use Protomatter to reverse the damage done to the planet.
    • “A Message from the Lukari II”: Kuumaarke prepares to attempt the restoration of the Povini homeworld. However, the Povini authorities are divided over whether to restore the planet to its precise state preceding the Tzenkethi attack, or to improve it. A diplomatic envoy from Betazed has been dispatched to assist with the situation.
    • “A Message from the Lukari III”: The Reskava arrives in the Jod'Cor System. They discover a rare, Protomatter-damaged, M-class moon orbiting an M-class planet - Khufano. She sets out to restore the moon to its former state.
    • “A Message from the Lukari IV”: In orbit around Kentar, Kuumaarke regretfully reveals that the Lukari government has chosen not to restore their former homeworld.
    • “A Message from the Lukari V”: Kuumaarke returns to the Huranzi System with a new assignment - to restore life to Kaalat, one of the Kentari moons. She is pleased, as Kaalat was once a paradise world comparable to Risa. The Kentari had attempted to terraform Kaalat and failed, leaving it a wasteland, and Kuumaarke is eager to restore the moon. She continues to hold out hope that she may be able to restore Kentar itself one day.

Season Thirteen: Escalation

Season Fourteen: Emergence

Expansion Four: Victory is Life

Other involvementEdit

  • "Lukari Species": This entry of the Post War Era series details Kuumaarke's efforts to determine what has happened to her world's star prior to the events of "Sunrise."
  • "Back Channels": Kuumaarke has been granted temporary command of the U.S.S. Defiant and sent on a diplomatic mission to the Na'kuhl System to offer to help the Na'kuhl re-ignite their star. The Na'kuhl refuse her offer, and she retreats from the system in accordance to their demands; however, she then has her crew re-enter the system under cloak to scan the star. Unfortunately, the scans determine that the fusion within the star has been permanently disrupted, and cannot be restored without Kal Dano or the Tox Uthat.
  • "Of Hawks and Doves": Kuumaarke meets with Captains Tom Paris and Nog of Starfleet to discuss the Lukari ship-building program, which Starfleet is providing assistance with. The specifications provided by the Lukari Planetary Council are contradictory, with some emphasizing weaponry and durability, and others focusing on sensor and long-range capabilities. After some discussion of the merits of each approach, they agree to try to find a middle path between the two sets of specifications.
  • "Conquests": * Kuumaarke meets with Ambassador S'taass aboard the Lukari space station Orbital. Frustrated, she explains the conflict and political interference surrounding her administration of the station, and the development of the Lukari starship. S'tass advises her to harness the conflicting interests in the project and turn them to her advantage, by placing the politically-appointed members of her staff into positions where she can control the outcome of their actions. He also informs her that he has brought her an older Gorn vessel to command.
  • "Calm Before the Storm": Kuumaarke, now a captain, interrupts a simulation being run by Doctor Laarme, a Lukari scientist, in which he commands the U.S.S. Enterprise. She tells him that she wishes him to join the crew of the L.S.S. Concordium's inaugural mission. Laarme is initially skeptical that he is the best choice for the position, but is convinced when Kuumaarke informs him that his work in the field of xenoarchaeology was deemed "satisfactor" by Scholar T'Ven of Vulcan.
  • "Featured Episode: 'Mirrors and Smoke'": Aboard the Reskava, chief science officer Becaal informs Captain Kuumaarke that he has uncovered evidence that the Gon'cra Nebula is artificial, likely having been created within the past 300 years. They speculate that the navigational hazards posed by an artificial nebula would make it an ideal place to conceal something, as most traffic would avoid the area. Kuumaarke decides to inform the Lukari's allies, and investigate further.



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