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Antiproton Dual Cannons

Antiproton Dual Cannons
Common Ship Weapon
Carrier, Escort, Dreadnought Cruiser, Battle Cruiser, Raptor, Lt. Cruiser, Raider, Fighter
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

Dual Antiproton Cannons

Energy Damage

45' targeting arc
to target: __ Antiproton Damage (__ DPS)
-10 Weapon Power to self while this weapons is firing
+20 Crit Severity Bonus
Value: (see table below)
"(see table below)" is not a number.
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Antiproton Dual Cannons icon.png
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Antiproton Dual Cannons are Energy damage starship weapons with a 45° firing arc. They can only be mounted in the fore weapon slots. Dual Cannons fire 4 shots per cycle, with each cycle lasting 3 seconds. One shot will do half of damage compared to Dual Heavy Cannons, but with higher number of shots per cycle, they have same Damage Per Second (DPS). Their damage will fall off with distance to the target.

Antiproton Dual Cannons are red with a black void border. Up close, the energy looks a lot more unstable, similar to Plasma and Tetyron energy. They come with a natural +20 to Critical Severity on top of other Modifiers.



Uncommon Antiproton Dual Cannons will have one modifier suffix, Rare will have two, Very Rare will have three, and Ultra Rare will have four. Epic adds a fifth unique modifier.

Standard Modifiers: Can appear multiple times (e.g. [Acc]x2, [CrtH]x3, [CrtD]x4 etc)

  • CrtD: +20 Critical Severity
  • CrtH: +2% Critical Chance
  • Acc: +10% Accuracy
  • Dmg: +X Damage

Special Crafted Modifiers: These modifiers can appear once on crafted Antiproton Dual Cannons of Rare quality and higher:

  • Snare: to target: -5% Speed and Turn Rate on hit
  • Thrust: to self: +5% Speed and Turn Rate when firing
  • Pen: All attacks with this weapon ignore 10 Armor Rating
  • Over: [Beam] 2.5% Chance: Upgrades your next beam attack. Deals massive Energy Damage, but drains your Weapon Power.
  • Rapid: [Cannon] 2.5% Chance: Activates Rapid Fire mode for all cannons on your ship for 2 seconds

Epic Modifier: All energy weapons upgraded to Epic quality receive:

  • Ac/Dm: +10% Accuracy and +X Damage


Skill Rank Effects
Energy Weapon Training Lieutenant Energy weapon damage.
Targeting Expertise Lt. Commander Weapon accuracy.
Weapon Specialization Commander Energy weapon critical severity.
Weapon Amplification Commander Energy weapon critical hit chance.


Consoles enhancing damageEdit

Starship +Damage Consoles
Icon Console Name Effects
Auto Targeting Module
 Reputation system item.
It comes with one modifier which enhances damage
type (Phaser, Disruptor, etc.) or weapon type (Beam or Cannon).
Antiproton Mag Regulator Antiproton damage.
Crystalline Absorption Matrix +17.8% Antiproton Damage.
Polymorphic Probe Array +25% Antiproton Damage.
Vulnerability Exploiter [+AP] +__ Antiproton Damage
+__% Critical Severity
Vulnerability Locator [+AP] +__ Antiproton Damage
+__% Critical Chance
Ambush Gateway Generator +25% Cannon Damage.
Prefire Chamber Cannon Weapon damage.
Timeline Analysis Sensor Grid +10.1% Accuracy with Cannon Weapons.
Vulnerability Exploiter [+Can] +__ Cannon Damage
+__% Critical Severity.
Vulnerability Locator [+Can] +__ Cannon Damage
+__% Critical Chance.
Vulnerability Locator [+Can] +__ Cannon Damage
+__% Critical Chance.
+All Damage Consoles
Icon Console Name Effects
Biased Configuration Modulator
 Lobi store item.
+6.1% All Damage to targets in forward 90' arc.
Destabilized Tachyon Emitters
 Limited to a specific ship.
+10% All Direct Energy Damage.
Dynamic Power Redistributor Module
 Ship-specific, not limited to that ship.
17.8% Directed Energy Damage.
Energy Distributor Accelerator
 Limited to a specific ship.
+20% Directed Energy Damage.
Enhanced Crescent Wave Cannon
 Limited to a specific ship.
+12% Directed Energy Damage.
Enhanced Dominion Coordination Protocol
 Limited to a specific ship.
+15% Directed Energy Damage.
Flagship Tactical Computer
 Limited to a specific ship.
+17.8% Directed Energy Damage.
Heavy Particle Focuser Array
 Limited to a specific ship.
+12% Directed Energy Damage.
Interphasic Instability
 Time-limited event reward.
+5% Damage.
Isometric Dispersal Array
 Limited to a specific ship.
+15% Directed Energy Damage.
Ominous Device
 Limited to a specific ship.
+20% All Damage.
Sustained Radiant Field
 Reputation system item.
+10% All Weapon Damage.
Timestream Rift Warhead
 Limited to a specific ship.
+12% Directed Energy Damage.
Tactical System Stabilizer
 Limited to a specific ship.
+20 Starship Energy Weapon Training.

Consoles enhancing accuracyEdit

v · d · e
+Accuracy Consoles
Category Icon Console Name Effects
Reputation system Auto Targeting Module
 Stand-alone console.
+__ Accuracy Rating.
Lobi store Weapon Sensor Enhancer
 Part of a set (Sensor Modifications).
+24.4 Accuracy Rating.
Ship-specific Battle Module 4000
 Part of a set (Expedited Delivery).
+10% Accuracy.
Enhanced Dominion Command Interface
 Part of a set (Dominion Console).
+10 Accuracy.
Fleet Coordination Matrix
 Stand-alone console.
+10% Accuracy.
Polaron Barrage Launcher
 Part of a set (Vaadwaur Artillery).
+__% Accuracy.
Scales with current Throttle.
Potential Energy Entangler
 Stand-alone console.
+10 Accuracy Rating.
Tachyon Detection Grid
 Part of a set (Tachyon Manipulation Technology).
+5% Accuracy.
Unstable Entanglement Platform
 Part of a set (Na'kuhl Plasma Technologies).
+10% Accuracy.

Consoles enhancing CrtH/CrtDEdit

v · d · e
+Critical Chance/Severity Consoles
Category Icon Console Name Effects
Mission Temporal Disentanglement Suite
 Part of a set (Krenim Temporal Manipulation).
+0-2.5% Critical Chance.
+0-10% Critical Severity.
based on Auxiliary Power level.
Reputation system Assimilated Module
 Part of a set (Omega Adapted Borg Technology Set).
+0.92% Critical Chance.
+9.2% Critical Severity.
Zero Point Energy Conduit
 Part of a set (Romulan Singularity Harness).
+1.8% Critical Chance.
Lobi store Bioneural Infusion Circuits
 Part of a set (Silent Enemy).
+15.2% Critical Severity.
Tachyokinetic Converter
 Part of a set (Temporal Warfare).
+0.76% Critical Chance.
+7.6% Critical Severity.
Lock box Delphic Tear Generator
 Stand-alone console.
+5% Critical Severity.
Sensor Burnout
 Stand-alone console.
+1.5% Critical Chance.
limited to that ship
Ambush Gateway Generator
 Part of a set (Herald Tactics).
+1% Critical Chance.
Battle Module 4000
 Part of a set (Expedited Delivery).
+1% Critical Chance.
Chroniton Fragmentation Warhead Launcher
 Part of a set (Delphic Particle Accelerators).
+1% Critical Chance.
Dominion Defense Screen
 Part of a set (Dominion Console).
+1.2% Critical Chance.
+12.5% Critical Severity.
Enhanced Breen Energy Dissipator
 Part of a set (Hypercooled Technology).
+1% Critical Chance.
Enhanced Dominion Coordination Protocol
 Part of a set (Dominion Console).
+8% Critical Severity.
Enhanced Dynamic Tactical System
 Stand-alone console.
+12% Critical Severity.
Harasser Probes
 Part of a set (Vorgon Weapon Expertise).
+8% Critical Severity.
I.F.F. Manipulator
 Stand-alone console.
+10% Critical Severity
with Directed Energy Weapons.
Incremental Phase Cloaking Device
 Part of a set (Starfleet Assault Cruiser Technology).
+1% Critical Chance.
Isometric Dispersal Array
 Part of a set (Alliance Multi-Mission Systems).
+8% Critical Severity.
Miradorn Sensor Baffler
 Part of a set (Privateer Weapon Modifications).
+1.5% Critical Chance.
Plasma Discharge Array
 Part of a set (Na'kuhl Plasma Technologies).
+1% Critical Chance.
Protomatter Barrage Launcher
 Part of a set (Shell Shock Set).
+10% Critical Severity.
Sheshar Assault Craft
 Part of a set (Improved Crescent Wave Cannon).
+8% Critical Severity.
Temporal Distress Beacon
 Part of a set (Na'kuhl Plasma Technologies).
+12% Critical Severity.
Timestream Rift Warhead
 Stand-alone console.
+8% Critical Severity.


Set Ability Effects
Protonic Arsenal - Set 2 Arsenal Synergy +3% Critical Chance
Protonic Arsenal - Set 3 Particle Stabilizer +10% Crit Severity
Temporal Defense Initiative Armaments - Set 2 Frequency Tuning +8.9% Directed Energy Weapon Damage
+5% Critical Severity
Ancient Obelisk Technology Set - Set 2 Focused Antiproton Emitters +10% Antiproton Damage

Base Damage TableEdit

All values given are for common weapons. There is greater damage with increasing rarity.

Rank Mark DPV DPS
None I 94 125
II 103 137
Lt. Cmdr. III 112 149
IV 121 161
Commander V 130 173
VI 138 185
Captain VII 147 196
VIII 156 208
Lower Half
Rear Admiral
Upper Half
IX 165 220
X 174 232
XI 183 244
XII 192 256
Vice Admiral XIII 233 310
XIV 291 389

Base Energy Credit Value TableEdit

All values given are for common weapons. There is greater energy credit value with increasing rarity.

Rank Mark Value ( )
Common Uncommon Rare Very Rare Ultra Rare Epic
None I 849 1,129
II 1,697 2,257 2,817 3,394
Lt. Cmdr. III 3,394 4,514 5,635 6,789 7,909
IV 5,091 6,772 8,452 10,183 11,863 13,543
Commander V 6,789 9,029 11,269 13,577 15,817 18,058
VI 8,486 11,286 14,086 16,971 19,772  ???
Captain VII 10,183 13,543 16,904 20,366 23,726 27,086
VIII 11,880 15,800 19,721 23,760 27,680 31,601
Lower Half
Rear Admiral
Upper Half
IX 13,577 18,058 22,538 27,154 31,635 36,115
X 15,274 20,315 25,355 30,549 35,589 40,630
XI 16,971 22,572 28,173 33,943 39,543 45,144
XII 18,669 24,829 30,990 37,337 43,498 49,658
Vice Admiral XIII 40,731 47,452 54,173
XIV 44,126 51,406 58,687


External LinksEdit

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