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Drozana Station
Intelligence operative

Ze'mara is an undercover intellligence operative on Drozana Station.

Missions involved[edit | edit source]

  • “Spin the Wheel”: Franklin Drake/K'men send the player to assure the safety of their operative Ze'mara on Drozana Station. She reports of "ghosts" roaming the corridors and watching her, which is why she finally decides to book passage off the station.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Ze'mara's affiliation depends on the player's faction, i.e., she will be called an operative for either Klingon Intelligence or Starfleet Intelligence.
  • Ze'mara also indirectly refers to Torg's discommendation and the dissolution of his House as seen in “The House Always Wins”. Specifically, she mentions Ja'rod, leader of the House of Duras and foster-child of Torg, having visited Drozana Station the week before and ordering 2309-Blood Wine - a sign that he is very upset, as he usually orders Warnog. In that sense, her role is similar to that of Marta, who informs Federation players of K'mtar's demise, which also happens during "The House Always Wins".
  • Ze'mara's species is unknown.