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Young Nanov
Rare Inventory
Character Bind On Pickup
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

Summon Young Nanov
Value: Energy credit icon.png

The Young Nanov is a non-combat ground pet.

Nanov are docile native lifeform found on New Romulus, Atlai region. The nanov release chemicals that support the growth of plants around the river's edge, as well as produce food to feed fish in the river. Nanov feast off of the smaller parasites that would otherwise infest and kill the flora and fish in the area. It appears that they also thrive off of radiation; it's possible that the radiation mutated some of them to be a much larger size, as evident by the giant near the river basin.

The Young Nanov is a summonable, non-combat ground pet. It does not use a device slot, but must be in your inventory to be summoned.

Usage[edit | edit source]

The Young Nanov does not have any offensive abilities and will go away when combat starts.

Targets Self
0.25 sec activate
Summon Young Nanov

To use the item, right click on the icon while it is in the player's inventory. Young Nanov can also be summoned by dragging it to your Power tray from the Available Skills list. It cannot be placed in the devices slot.

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Season 8 Dev Blog #57

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