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Faction Neutral.pngXiomek

General Xiomek was the official leader of the Reman people in the aftermath of Praetor Shinzon's short-lived reign and a warrior of the Kepeszuk Battalion.

Personal history[edit | edit source]

  • 2379:
    • During Shinzon's reign Xiomek was a member of the Kepeszuk Battalion, a Reman military unit.
    • Following Shinzon's defeat, Xiomek's battalion demanded control of a Romulan continent or a planet that allowed for self-sufficiency of the Reman people. In response, Praetor Tal'aura had all shipments to Remus cut and the planet blockaded.
  • 2381:
    • Xiomek led the Kepeszuk Battalion into an alliance with the Unification movement, regarding them as another exploited population. While Xiomek promotes a military solution, the Unification movement calls for a diplomatic alternative.
  • 2385:
  • 2386:
    • After the Romulan Mining Guild presented a study to the Senate that reports that Remus was seriously overmined, Xiomek again demanded either a Romulan continent or a world to settle upon. Donatra and Rehaek persuaded the Senate to offer the planet Crateris to the Remans.
  • 2387:
    • Xiomek invited Donatra to visit Crateris. The leaders spoke in private and Donatra offered him passage on her flagship, the I.R.W. Valdore, to Romulus. The Valdore disappeared without a trace.

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