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Woldan was a Klingon Ambassador in 2409. In 2411, his place in the Klingon High Council is succeeded by his son, Woruth, after he was killed in early 2410 when voicing defiance against M'Tara who threatened the Alliance in the Great Hall.

Missions involved[edit | edit source]

  • KDF “Blood of the Empire”: Woldan is among those councilors who defend Chancellor J'mpok from a Fek'Ihri attack in the council chambers.
  • ROM “Turning Point”: Woldan participates in a conference on Khitomer to discuss an alliance with the Romulan Republic - a prospect he is very skeptical about. Surprisingly, Commander Temer saves his life from a Tal Shiar assassination attempt by sacrificing himself. Impressed by the Romulan's courage, Woldan subsequently supports an alliance between the Empire and the Republic.
  • ALL “Surface Tension”: In early 2410, Woldan and the other members of the High Council save for Chancellor J'mpok are all killed by M'Tara when they voice defiance against her after she threatens the Empire, the Federation, and the Romulan Republic in the Great Hall.

Other involvement[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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