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This article or section contains information that no longer applies to the current version of Star Trek Online. It is provided only for historical purposes.
  • The Winter Wonderland Chef was replaced in the 2014 winter event by Neelix.
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Q's Winter Wonderland
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The Winter Wonderland Chef is an NPC in Q's Winter Wonderland Event in 2013.

Outline[edit | edit source]

The Chef has taken over the winter event consumable foods section from the Holiday Item Vendor, and rather than being able to buy these items (as in previous years), you must collect recipes, and then collect, buy and or replicate certain ingredients to make these winter foods. The food created with these recipes can be fed to any type of tribble to create a winter tribble. These tasks take the form of missions.

Recipes[edit | edit source]

Recipes are required to make any of the winter event consumable foods. The recipes are found during the Winter Invasion PvE Defend the Gingerbread Colony mission. Note that a pop-up will appear on your screen when you are in close proximity to the recipe, and a green circle will appear on your map indicating the location. Once collected the recipes will appear in your inventory. When you've obtained a recipe, speak with the Chef to begin the mission and start collecting ingredients.

Ingredients[edit | edit source]

After obtaining a recipe you need the ingredients to make/bake the food. There are three categories of ingredient.

1. Baking Ingredients.

  Things such as Milk, Eggs, Cinnamon, Sugar. All these items are located throughout Q's Winter  
  Wonderland. To find these locations bring up your map and look for the dotted circle areas.

After finding the baking ingredients for the food you are creating, you need one of the following types of ingredients.

2. Replicatable Ingredients.

  Things such as Ferengi Snail Juice, Tranya, Root Beer, anything that you can replicate.

3. Purchasable Ingredients.

  This covers ingredients you cannot replicate such as the Uttaberry or Ferengi Gree-Worms. These items
  are available on the exchange.

Once you have all necessary ingredients you can talk to the Chef and complete the mission and be rewarded with several of the food you have created and several holiday commodities such as Bolian Candles, Terran Holiday Ornaments and Targ Ear Muffs.

Food Items, Ingredients, and Rewards[edit | edit source]

Name Ingredients Reward
random amount of:
[Rum. Buttered. Hot.] [Synthale], [Sugar], [Butter] Rum. Buttered. Hot. icon.pngUncommon icon.png + Winter Commodities
[Candied Tube Grubs] [Ferengi Tube Grubs], [Sugar], [Gelatin], [Cinnamon], [Ginger] Candied Tube Grub icon.pngCommon icon.png + Winter Commodities
[Deka Tea Loaf] [Bajoran Deka Tea], [Flour], [Eggs] Deka Tea Loaf icon.pngCommon icon.png + Winter Commodities
[Glazed Ham] [Sugar], [Butter], [Gelatin] Glazed Ham icon.pngCommon icon.png + Winter Commodities
[Glazed Targ] [Sugar], [Butter], [Mint] Glazed Targ icon.pngUncommon icon.png + Winter Commodities
[Jellied Gree-Worm Cookie] [Ferengi Jellied Gree-worm], [Flour], [Butter], [Eggs], [Milk] Jellied Gree-Worm Cookie icon.pngRare icon.png + Winter Commodities
[Jumja Fudge] [Bajoran Jumja Stick], [Sugar], [Butter], [Chocolate] Jumja Fudge icon.pngUncommon icon.png + Winter Commodities
[Kava Juice Gumdrops] [Bajoran Kava Juice], [Sugar], [Gelatin] Kava Juice Gumdrops icon.pngCommon icon.png + Winter Commodities
[Last Year's Fruitcake] [Bajoran Mapa Bread], [Sugar], [Ginger] Last Year's Fruitcake icon.pngCommon icon.png + Winter Commodities
[Lowfat Egg Nog] [Klingon Targ Milk], [Cinnamon], [Eggs] Lowfat Egg Nog icon.pngCommon icon.png + Winter Commodities
[Minty Raktajino] [Klingon Raktajino], [Milk], [Mint] Minty Raktajino icon.pngCommon icon.png + Winter Commodities
[Nog's Nog] [Root Beer], [Milk], [Eggs] Nog's Nog icon.pngUncommon icon.png + Winter Commodities
[Rippleberry Fruitcake] [Betazoid Uttaberry], [Flour], [Butter], [Milk] Rippleberry Fruitcake icon.pngUncommon icon.png + Winter Commodities
[Snaildoodles] [Ferengi Snail Juice], [Flour], [Eggs] Snaildoodles icon.pngCommon icon.png + Winter Commodities
[Tranya Ball] [Tranya], [Flour], [Butter], [Eggs] Tranya Balls icon.pngRare icon.png + Winter Commodities
[Trixian Bubble Candy] [Trixian Bubble Juice], [Sugar], [Milk], [Cinnamon], [Mint] Trixian Bubble Candy icon.pngRare icon.png + Winter Commodities
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