Waveform Modulation

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The user interface of the Waveform Modulation mini-game

Waveform Modulation is a mini-game introduced in Season Two: Ancient Enemies of Star Trek Online. When the player scans an anomaly, the game is started immediately after the interaction bar is filled. Succeeding in the game often results in the scanned anomaly rewarding more data samples, as it usually would. There is also a slight chance of receiving one or more rare particle traces.

How to play[edit | edit source]

The interface shows two waves: a blue target wave and the red scanning wave. The goal of the game is to make the red wave match the blue one.

The amplitude and frequency of the red wave can be manipulated using either the four buttons shown in the game interface or the keyboard controls (usually, W,A,S,D and the arrow keys).

There is a time limit of six seconds to match the waves. A noisy pattern will start to cover the two waves from left to right. If the noise reaches the right, the game is lost.