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Wasteland is an episode involving players leading an investigation into a cache of missing thalaron triggers on the former Planet of Galactic Peace, Nimbus III.

List of missions of Wasteland[edit | edit source]

Lvl Name Giver Release Date
21+ “Secrets of Nimbus” Franklin Drake/K'men/Nadel May 21, 2013
21+ “The Lost City of Paradise” Horace Jones May 21, 2013
21+ “Blind Men Tell All Tales” Horace Jones May 21, 2013
21+ “The Undying” Horace Jones May 21, 2013
21+ “A Fistful of Gorn” Horace Jones May 21, 2013
21+ “Installation 18” Nadel May 21, 2013
Other daily missions
Level Name Mission giver
21+ “Nimbus Dance Competition” Dance Coordinator
25+ “On the Desert Front” Yamlon Nuk
25+ “Creatures of the Desert” Yamlon Nuk
25+ “Orion Contraband” Yamlon Nuk

Notes[edit | edit source]

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