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Warp core breach

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A warp core breach occurs approximately five seconds after a starship's structural integrity drops to zero, inflicting AoE damage to any ships within a few kilometers. The size and power of the breach depends on those of the ship.

In starships that use antimatter warp cores (all ships of the Federation, the Klingon Empire, and most NPC factions), the fatal blow will be followed by numerous internal explosions, after which the vessel will explode in a bright flash. Vessels that use singularity warp cores (most ships used by the Romulan Republic and the Star Empire) will collapse into a temporary black hole. The singularity will draw nearby vessels toward it until it explodes a few seconds later. The different breaches appear to inflict the same amount of damage regardless of visuals, but the singularity explosion is also accompanied by a considerable knock-back effect.