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Facility 4028
Information giver

The Warden is a Photonic Starfleet officer in command of the Facility 4028 prison facility, which is staffed almost completely by photonic personnel. He does not have a proper name, as his programmers believed it would make him less approachable, and therefore that the inmates would not consider him a target for manipulation. He notes the irony that he and the rest of the photonic staff do not have names, while the prison's computer, ISIS, does.

Missions involved[edit | edit source]

  • “Facility 4028”: The Warden greets the player and introduces them to Facility 4028. While he verifies the player's authorization to release the Female Changeling, he asks the player to look in on another inmate. He then authorizes the player to see the Founder. The Warden and the rest of the photonic personnel are disabled when Kar'ukan attacks the prison, but are later restored when the player stops the escaping prisoners and re-activates the primary ISIS core. After completing a diagnostic cycle, the Warden resumes his duties.
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