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Romulan RepublicVelaar
Military Rank:
New Romulus Command
Duty Officer Requisition

Centurion Velaar is a Romulan officer of the Romulan Republic located in the Planetary Data Center of New Romulus Command. She exchanges duty officers for commendations. Once a commendation category is unlocked, additional duty officers become available for purchase with dilithium. She also hands out the duty officer starter pack as well as the various level up packs to players.

Store[edit | edit source]

Diplomatic Commendation Duty Officers
Science Commendation Duty Officers
Engineering Commendation Duty Officers
Military Commendation Duty Officers
Exploration Commendation Duty Officers
Espionage Commendation Duty Officers
Medical Commendation Duty Officers
Colonial Commendation Duty Officers
Trade Commendation Duty Officers
Development Commendation Duty Officers
Recruitment Commendation Duty Officers

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