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Th'Pev channeling his Ushaan skills against Klingons, wielding two ushaan-tor's
You may be looking for the Ushaan class or the U.S.S. Ushaan.'

The Ushaan an ancient Andorian tradition involving a duel to the death via an ice miner's tool known as the ushaan-tor.

Th'Pev, an Andorian Ensign in Starfleet during the Klingon War of 2256, was two-time ushaan champion and considered the ushaan highly competitive against the bat'leth.

By 2409, the Andorian tradition was illegal under Federation law leading the tradition to be performed in non-lethal ways. The Mountain Park on Andoria serves as an Ushaan arena where anybody may compete in duels, albeit not specifically using the ushaan-tor or following any of the specifics of the ritual.

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