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Confederazione Stellare Italiana[edit source]

Hello, we have finished T5 Military Shipyard Upgrade on our FED side last week!

And we are approaching to finish the T5 final upgrade:

Would be great if you can add us in the fed shipyard list :) Cya on STO ^_^ - @NandoPC

Update: We just reached the full t5 on our starbase today 11/06/2014:

Update #2:

Our starbase is finally completed, both remained t5 sci and eng reached yesterday 24/08/2014

Please add us on industrial fabricator and communication array list :)

-Jolan Tru-

Security Division / Orion-Syndicate[edit source]

Hello, we have finished Engineering T5 Upgrade and Science T5 Upgrade, base Upgrade is done in 6 Days after that we start Tactical T5 Upgrade.

1. Fleet Command Germany / 1. Klingon Command Germany[edit source]

1. Fleet Command Germany / 1. Klingon Command Germany

Hello, my both Fleets have the Xp to get on the List. @whitesnake11880 1.FCG/1.KCG = 851885 points

THX and good work ;)

I have added your Fed fleet's info, but I could not find your KDF fleet in game to ask a member for info. Are you sure that's the exact format for the name? --MatthewM 04:53, 22 April 2013 (UTC)

Hi and Thanks for the add to the list. i give you the pictures from 1.FCG / 1. KCG

Ahh, thank you for the images. It appears the fleet name was "1.Klingon Command Germany" instead of "1. Klingon Command Germany" (no space between 1. and Klignon). Very impressive fleets, but falls just shy of the ~865,000 combined XP to make that list.--MatthewM 06:50, 23 April 2013 (UTC)

Hi, we have now 958190 Points for combined List. You can find the points on the following pic's. Thx and bye Whitesnake ;-)

30.07.2013 Hi Matthew, we have completet the Fed starbase, the Upgrade Communications Array V is finished in 13 days. the combinated Points of Fed and Kdf is now 1 209 865 ( at follwing pictures )

1. FCG


We hope, we have enough Points for one of the List's

Bye and on next time whitesnake the Leader from 1. Fleet Command Germany

Stonewall Fleet[edit source]

Hello, my fleet has the xp as well. @shadowkosh

The current minimum XP for Fed fleets to get on the top ten is 610,000 XP. Unless I'm mistaken, Stonewall Fleet is below 500,000 XP. --MatthewM 04:53, 22 April 2013 (UTC)

Viper Group Omega[edit source]

Viper Group Omega (Fed Fleet) has the T5 Shipyard complete and just kicked-off the T5 Starbase upgrade May 1, 2013.

UPDATE: Viper Group Omega hit 750,000 experience on July 19, 2013 and completed the T5 Comm Array and transwarp gate.

Borg Identity[edit source]

My (fed) fleet has T5 Shipyard. T5 Starbase comes off CD in less than 2 days, and I believe we have enough xp to qualify for the list. We already have 250k eng xp, so we're going to start the T5 Ind Fab upgrade as soon as the Starbase finishes cooldown. Grayson@squigish

Reddit Alert[edit source]

Hit 250k in science and started T5 Comm Array. --PhyrexianHero (talk) 23:45, 3 June 2013 (UTC)

As of July 8, Reddit Alert has T5 in everything. House of Snoo is T4 in everything, and T5 Fabricator is underway. -- 23:29, 8 July 2013 (UTC)

Starfleet M.A.C.O. Tier 5 Starbase[edit source]

I am @entnx00 with Starfleet M.A.C.O. We finished our Tier 5 Starbase earlier today. Woot! :) We have 583,870 XP in the Starbase categories for the Federation side (Starfleet M.A.C.O.) and 449,885 Xp in the Starbase cateogires for the KDF side (KDF Honor Guard) for a grand total of 1,033,755 XP.EntNX (talk) 03:48, 8 June 2013 (UTC)

Shutup Wesley[edit source]

Shutup Wesley reached 250k in all categories yesterday. The Industrial Fabricator will complete in about 32ish hours from now. @Preechr, 03:12 8 June 2013 (PST)

The Massive and The Massive KDF Style[edit source]

The Massive has finished a t5 shipyard, and currently has the t5 fed base underway. The Massive KDF style has finished the t5 comm array, and currently has the t5 kdf base underway.

The House of Beautiful Orion's[edit source]

The House of Beautiful Orion's has finished the tier 5 in the following sections, base, shipyard, and Engineering sections. In 2 days we will start on the science tier 5's 6/24/2013

House of Beautiful Orions[edit source]

'Fleets that are maxed (250,000 XP in military, engineering, and science) are bolded.' hobo are maxed in mil, eng, sci, and have the t5 upgrades either finished or in cd. considering we were the first kdf fleet to do this, can we at least get a tiny bit of respect?

Czechoslovak Fleet 1st Division[edit source]

Hello, we have the T5 shipyard, fabricator and starbase upgrades finished and the comms array upgrade will start in a few weeks. Thx, @admiral_mikey =)

EDIT: All SB upgrades finished by August 12th 2013, transwarp gate project filled and on cooldown, job´s done =)


Starfleet M.A.C.O. Tier 5 Shipyard[edit source]

Starfleet M.A.C.O. now has the Tier 5 Shipyard on its 2-week timer. We should have it available July 28th around this time! :D

EDIT (July 29 @ 12:49 PM Eastern): Tier 5 Shipyard is now complete, with a total of 517,885 XP for KDF Honor Guard (counting only the Starbase's 3 tracks: Engineering, Military, and Science) and 668,745 for Starfleet M.A.C.O.

EDIT (August 16 @12:30 pm): M.A.C.O.'s KDF fleet, the KHG Honor Guard, have filled the Industrial Fabricator Tier 5 project.

House of Jupiter[edit source]

House of Jupiter KDF Fleet has completed T5 Shipyard Facility and has finished T5 Starbase Military.

- Ooiue


Rules for updating this page?[edit source]

What are the rules for updating the main page? Kobayashi Fleet was the 10th Federation fleet to finish their starbase as shown in a screenshot submitted to Matthew ingame on June 29th. We've been waiting since then to be featured on the top list but we now see that other people than Matthew are putting their fleet names on that list themselves.


Terranisches Sternenimperium[edit source]

Hello, we have finished Engineering T5 Upgrade and Base Upgrade T5.



We have finished Science Tier 5.

House of Tlhap-Jen - Klingon Fleet[edit source]

Our Starbase, Shipyard, Fabricator are all Tier 5. Can someone edit?

Council of Athena[edit source]

Hi, I'm Sar@PhilCK from Council of Athena. We have finished T5 Starbase and Shipyard.

Nerds of Prey[edit source]

Su'chak@Grimrak here. Nerds of Prey has finished everything in their base, we're just waiting on the shipyard to tick down.

Eclipse full T5 french fleet[edit source]

Starbase T5 - Industrial Replicator T5 - Communication array T5 - Shipyard T5 senok@tlis

Flotte Azur [FR][edit source]


My name, in game, is Clement@jeanluck4, I'm Grand Admiral of "Flotte Azur" wich is French fleet.

We are not full T5 but we accumulate 633 840 XP and I think we could be referenced.


Thanks StarTrek Online for good game.

The Galactic Horde[edit source]

More then a year ago since we fully completed our Starbase, kinda surprised to not see us on the list.

Sxxky@zuigje The Galactic Horde Sucky (talk) 09:32, 6 May 2014 (UTC)

Errant Adventures[edit source]

Errant Adventures has completed T5 SB and Shipyard. --Larilille (talk) 23:22, 26 May 2014 (UTC)

added Starfleet Reserve to discussion page for getting a T5 Starbase[edit source]

Starfleet Reserve has reached Tier 5 on its Starbase, Industrial Fabricator, Communications Array, and Shipyard. We are 3 days out from completing our Tier 5 Transwarp Gate.

Starfleet Reserve Tier 5 Starbase Picture[edit source]

Clearly, this is my first time publishing on a wiki. I realized that a full screenshot of the starbase with our fleet's name might be appropriate. Can't seem to edit the last post with the new screenshot so here is the new screenshot.

Adding Fleet[edit source]

Hy i would kindly ask you to add my fleet to the TierV fleets with TierV Starbase and Shipyard, the Industrialfabricator and Commarray is on the way... Spire, Mine and Embassy are done including all optional objects. Here is a link for the STO-Gateway Screenshot:

Live long and in prosper, @nicnac0000

added fleet entry[edit source]

Hy i would kindly ask you to add my fleet to the TierV fleets with TierV Starbase and Shipyard, the Industrialfabricator and Commarray is on the way... Spire, Mine and Embassy are done including all optional objects. Here is a link for the STO-Gateway Screenshot:

Live long and in prosper, @nicnac0000