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Not following naming conventions[edit source]

I've made a response here explaining why the space after our fake namespaces is not the cause of the problem you're experiencing, but I'd like to explain a little more about why I'm encouraging you not to independently begin using different naming conventions.

Part of me does wish we'd switch to a more typical naming convention (preferably not "Mission:Ancestral Sin", but just plain "Ancestral Sin" or "Ancestral Sin (mission)" when it's actually necessary to disambiguate), if just to make the search feature also work better for our readers, but such a change would require a lot of work moving pages and adjusting templates and links, cause a number of unexpected problems along the way because anything like this always does, and it would be jarring to the community of editors who've come to expect this way of doing things. If you feel strongly enough about it, you are free to encourage a change, but please don't start changing the wiki's naming convention without getting community support. This is too big a change for STOW:BOLD. Eyes User-Eyes-Sig.png 18:23, 7 July 2012 (UTC)