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Proper InfoBox Usage[edit source]

Hello, Chie5a, and welcome to the Star Trek Online wiki. Thank you for creating the [Engineering Kit - Chroniton Mine Barrier] article; however, I had to correct your usage of the InfoBox feature. This is all detailed on the Manual of Style page, but here is a summary:

  1. Add {{iteminfobox|Name of Item}} to the top of the kit/equip/weapon article page.
  2. Click on the red "Infobox: Name of Item" text that appears and add the InfoBox wiki code to this new page.
  3. Save the page. Your changes will appear in the orignial item's article page.

Hope that helps! Welcome to the community and we hope you will become a regular contributor to this wiki. - TerranRich 02:50, 16 January 2010 (UTC)