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PConly.png PC-focused content ahead.
The following article or section describes content from the perspective of the PC version of the game. While the mechanics will be similar for players on
Xbox and PS4, many elements of the UI will be different. Please consider updating this article to include content from the console versions of Star Trek Online.
The user interface during ground combat
The user interface in sector space

The User interface (often simply referred to as UI) is the method by which information is presented to the player and the player interacts with the game itself. In Star Trek Online, the design of the UI was completely revamped with the release of Legacy of Romulus and is now loosely based on the LCARS computer interface seen in the Star Trek shows and originally created by Mike Okuda. Although the general layout remains identical, each faction has its own design with a set of different color schemes available for all players.

Hiding the interface (Alt-F12 command) increases the frames per second (FPS), providing smoother graphics. However, the UI will be needed for most commands and dialog selections in game. The FPS rate (and milliseconds per frame) can be checked by entering the command "/showfps 1" and then hidden again by entering "/showfps 0". In general, higher FPS and lower time per frame are

System power level UI explained

desired. Especially for older machines, increased speed comes at the cost of higher quality visuals (type Esc to access Main Menu, Options, Video).

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