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Avatar for PiralDorrm

Hey. How do you manage to get such high quality screenshots from ship tailor?

Avatar for SFC

Also, I tried to work the Vor'cha template into the shippage for the Vor'ral - see if it works for you!

Avatar for PiralDorrm

Just checked it out. Moved it after the photo, but aside from that it looks great. Thanks! Forgot about the template.

Avatar for Damixon

PiralDorrm, check Screenshot page, it has info on increasing renderscale.

Avatar for PiralDorrm

Thanks to both of you. Knew about renderscale already, but for some reason ctrl alt prt sc didn't work in ship tailor. It works when using /screenshot command.

Avatar for PiralDorrm

I need to ask you for two more screenshots. I promise these are the last. :p Commander's Gig, both variants

Avatar for PiralDorrm

Sorry, didn't see this until today.

Uh, you're really going to want to strangle me. Do you still have uncropped versions? If so, can you crop them to match other ship variants photos I've been uploading? All the others are the same size so I don't want this to be the only Romulan ship page with differently sized photos. Once again, sorry.

EDIT: I've just completed work on all Romulan ship pages. The only one I still need to do is the Commander's Gig. After that is completed, I'll begin work on Klingon pages.

I just wanted to thank you once again for all the ship screenshots you sent me. This wouldn't have been possible without your help. If there are any Starfleet ships you don't have, send me a message and I'll get you the screenshot if I have them.

Avatar for SFC

got it - ROM folder! Starfleet ships are mostly covered but you'll probably have to apply your own touch to most of them template wise, pic wise they're pretty consistent.

Avatar for PiralDorrm

Hey, I've made some modifications to Variants table, but wanted to hear your opinion before implementing it on any more pages.

Here's the link: T'varo Light Warbird

Avatar for SFC

Eh, I'm not sure it works. further dividing the variant boxes seems weird to do. We could probably do with adding more clarification to the italicized text though.

Avatar for PiralDorrm

I think it's clearer than the italicized text, but I'm open to ideas.

Avatar for PiralDorrm

Okay, made a change. Instead of another box, I've tried separating skin unlock from the rest of the description with hr/

Avatar for PiralDorrm

No problem, managed to get it. However, I'm still looking for someone with Command Battlecruisers and Miracle Worker ships? Have any of those?

Avatar for SFC

Yep, all of those. Need pics?

Avatar for PiralDorrm

Yes, thank you! :D

EDIT: Forgot about Multi-Mission warbirds as well, so if you have them too that would be amazing. You don't have to do it right now if you don't have time.

Avatar for SFC

Unfortunately do not have the MMWs. If you need any other ships, lemme know - like the Laeosa for example

Avatar for PiralDorrm

I think I have the rest. I'll contact you if I forgot one.

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