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Could you take a look at the ground weapon nav? I was adding weapons and noticed display errors. Namely, weapons such as the plasma flamethrower and others aren't showing up. Maybe I'm blind or just going crazy. Thanks in advance!

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No idea, maybe some wiki issues. Icons seem to be ok at the moment, can you look at it again?

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Icons are fine but the entries are missing... table's probably broken

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Check User:Damixon (user page). I figured out how to make ground weapon nav auto-update, but I'd first need to split Rep/LB/Standard weapons by categories. Or maybe better add weapons to Standard vs Dual/New proc category so that they don't interfere. Still have think of the best way to tackle this. Not sure when I'll find enough time.

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Ah yeah, I see what you're going for - I dig it, and wish I had time to implement it myself :/

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Any idea why half the Spec starship traits are broken?

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Because of the Template:Starshiptraiticon having too much expensive parser function calls. Some kind of limit is reached because too many icons are using it. We should try and create lighter version or move to good old File:XX.png.

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I'm revamping the page, so there are no more broken icons.

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God like work on those mastery traits. <3

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Hehe, glad you like it. It took more time than I thought it will, but now we don't need to update it anymore so one less page to worry about. I'm trying to think of more pages that could get similar treatment so if there are any ideas - let me know.

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Check the ViL talk page for a quick question.

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