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I'm going to be restructuring DSC ship articles. Cardenas-class -> Cardenas-class Vessel, etc. This may be problematic for ships that aren't in the game yet, but it means we won't have categories labelled "Cardenas-classs" with an extra s that really bothers me, haha. That sound good?

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Yeah, I noticed the sss thing,hehe - Template:NPCshipinfo is to blame. It adds npc ship to category by this format [[:Category: {{{class}}}s (npc)]]. Since page is already called Cardenas-class, we don't need to add class=Cardenas-class under NPCshipinfo template (it can be done done manually like you did). Maybe we should rename class parameter to type for that template - so type would be cruiser, frigate, etc, instead of class=cruiser, frigate.

Are you ok with the (npc) suffix? I added that at one point because of pages like Hierarchy Cruiser that have "Cruiser" as {{{class}}}, to separate them from the playable cruisers, which are present in the Category:Cruisers.

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Hey, I started a discussion on template level here: Template talk:NPCshipinfo. Nice opportunity to standardize the category format for all non-playable ships.

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might i suggest changing past lockbox ships acquisition intro text to "originally introduced in the X box, but now more commonly found through the Infinity box"? I think that wording sounds better, but it's up to you

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Sure, I'll do it that way, sounds better. Also, if you have any other suggestion while I'm editing those ship pages, let me know.

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Hey, take a look at the new Uni. endeavors list. Needs a few style changes if you wanna tidy it up a bit. https://sto.gamepedia.com/Endeavor_System/Universal_Endeavor_List

The data is based off of all endeavors that have previously ran. Many were replaced and the end result is the table you see now.


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Looks really good, I just changed the alignment for the "amount" column. I didn't know they changed the existing universal endeavors.

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