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Bio[edit | edit source]

Active Duty start: Stardate 89689.88

Fleet Joined: Stardate 89723.44

Faction Starfleet.png Liara Umee Deeln
Vice Admiral
Ship Name:
U.S.S. Alma
Joined Trill
Career Path:
Engineering Officer
Birth year:
Stardate ???

  • Vice Admiral, Lira of the U.S.S. Alma (NX-93481-F)

Ship Build[edit | edit source]

Engineering is equipped with the following:

Science is equipped with the following:

Tactical is equipped with the following:

The ship is equipped with a [Red Matter Capacitor] that gives a short term boost to power. This device also helped with enhancing the EPS conduits on the ship and also helps to increase power twice as effective in all sections of the ship. The Console - Universal - Transwarp Computer used to be a Console - Universal - Transwarp Drive Coil, but Starfleet decided it was best to upgrade to standards. The Console - Universal - Antimatter Spread is not used for any fair war games.

Also equipped with the Delta Class Shuttle with a Tetryon-Plasma Impulse Engines-S, [Console - Engineering - Neutronium Alloy Mk X], [Console - Science - Field Generator Mk XI], [Console - Tactical - Automated Defense Turret].

Bridge Officers[edit | edit source]

Coming soon...

Storylines Completed[edit | edit source]

Images[edit | edit source]