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Bio[edit | edit source]

Active Duty start: Stardate 89008.79

Fleet Founded: Stardate 89698.94

Faction Starfleet.png Damien Johnny Marshall
Vice Admiral
Ship Name:
U.S.S. Nissan
Career Path:
Tactical Officer
Birth year:
Stardate ????

Ship Build[edit | edit source]

Engineering is equipped with the following:

Science is equipped with the following:

Tactical is equipped with the following:

The ship is equipped with a [Red Matter Capacitor] that gives a short term boost to power which helps as well when the ship is slightly weaker when the Multi-Vector Assault Module is activated. The ship does indeed have torpedo tubes, but is currently deactivated to use less power on the ship's systems. The ship has been refitted with cannon ports. The beams are modular in that they can be used with both phaser or polaron. The beam bank installed to the ship is hardly used due to the power drain while weapons are being fired. However, when used right, a powerful burst of energy is thrown to the beams. It is usually used to cut down and disable starship, but can be used to destroy a starship if need be.

Also equipped with the Delta Class Shuttle with a Tetryon-Plasma Impulse Engines-S, [Console - Engineering - Neutronium Alloy Mk X], [Console - Science - Field Generator Mk XI], [Console - Tactical - Automated Defense Turret].

It may not seem very versatile, but the ship is built specifically for the purpose of the Borg. Research is currently in development to adapt certain technology to the ship.

Bridge Officers[edit | edit source]

Carline Penni Altrogge[edit | edit source]

  • Race: Human
  • Rank: Commander

First Officer and in charge of the ship's tactics. Also in charge of Beta section.

Hurmian[edit | edit source]

Tactical station and in charge of Gamma section.

Krishna Lahoma Wadley[edit | edit source]

  • Race: Human
  • Rank: Lt. Commander

In charge of Security.

Five of Seven[edit | edit source]

Efficiency specialist aboard the ship, analysis, and in charge of Alpha section.

Vol[edit | edit source]

  • Race: Vulcan
  • Rank: Lt. Commander

In charge of the Science Department.

Lonoh[edit | edit source]

In charge of Medical.

Yule[edit | edit source]

In charge of Operations.

Kaher B'phyv[edit | edit source]

In charge of Engineeering.

Vurara'Atar[edit | edit source]

Storylines Completed[edit | edit source]

Images[edit | edit source]