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  • APU (Pralor) (After the player beams aboard Talaxian Cargo from a stranded freighter)
The modules are a facsimile of a technology constructed previously by one known as B'Elanna Torres. She along with Automated Personnel Unit 3947, were able to solve our reproduction problem with a prototype of the modules you now possess.

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Battlezone Commanders[edit | edit source]

Level 50, 3 pips, 1335 Hp, Shld 667
  • Park Transporter Group (Fed)
  • City Transporter Group (KDF)
    • Commander Halia F Orion (interact)
    • Commander Kalim M Orion
    • Commander Molard M Orion
  • Outskirts Transporter Group (RRF)
    • Subcommander Llei M Romulan (interact)
    • Subcommander Hanjar M Romulan
    • Subcommander Laria F Romulan
  • City Tunnel Group (Fed)
    Level 50
    Vestinga's interaction prompt is incorrectly labelled Commander Tempa
    On talking to them they run to the central capture point
    "Heading out? So are we..."
    • Commander Vestinga F Ferengi, 1335 Hp, shld 667, 3 pips (interact)
    • Lieutenant Benpar M Benzite, 705 Hp, shld, 352, 2 pips
    • Lieutenant Konjin F Unknown, 705 Hp, shld 352, 2 pips

Swarmer[edit | edit source]

  • Group Cozmosoan
  • 705 health
  • 2 pips

End of Watch[edit | edit source]

You are the Second Officer aboard a Klingon Bird-of-Prey, currently in charge of the night watch. you care in command while Captain Jurlek and First Officer Doran are off duty.

  • Welcome to Star Trek Online
  • Talk to K'Gan
  • Approve Duty Logs
  • Return to K'Gan
  • Greet the Captain
  • Exit the Bridge via the Turbolift
  • Go to the Holodeck for Target Practice
  • Program Holodeck via Control Panel
  • Step into Center of Holodeck to Begin Practice
  • Use Disruptor to destroy Holotargets (0/5)
  • Go to Crew Quarters (use Turbolift)
  • Sleep in Your Rack
  • Accolade: Welcome to Star Trek Online
  • No Rewards

Red Alert[edit | edit source]

You've taken aboard a Federation prisoner from the IKS Seg'pa and are under attack by a Starfleet Cruiser and must deal with boarding parties on the lower decks.

  • (Science) Heal injured crewmen! (0/3)
  • (Tactical) Inspire Shaken Crewmen! (0/3)
  • Talk to First Officer Doran

NPCs[edit | edit source]

  • Shaken Crewman
  • Injured Crewman
  • Doran (on screen)

Text[edit | edit source]

Qapla, You're alive! This is First Officer Doran, and here's the situation: we took custody of a Federation prisoner from the I.K.S. Seg'pa.

Almost immediately after transport, a Starfleet cruiser showed up and attacked. We took some severe damage, but we were able to get our shields up before they could beam over. They've launched shuttles and have boarded the ship on the lower decks.

Our security teams are tied up all over the ship, so I need your help securing the lower deck. Grab a rifle from the armory locker and then make your way to the lower decks.

I don't know how they were able to enter our shuttle bay, so check the bodies for anything that can give us a clue as to how they were able to board us. One or two of them might be carrying something useful.

  • Reward 6000 SP 720 E

Intruder Alert[edit | edit source]

  • Get a rifle from the Armory Locker
  • Take Turbolift to Lower Decks
  • Repel Federation Boarding Parties (0/10)
  • Find Information (loot Federation Boarders)
  • Decode Recovered Message
  • Betrayed
  • Talk to the Federation Prisoner

Challenge for Command[edit | edit source]

  • SP 3120 E 780
  • Get to the Bridge
  • Confront Captain Jurlek
  • Kill Captain Jurlek
  • Talk to K'Gan
  • See Lt. K'Gan

Take Command[edit | edit source]

  • >> Bridge Officer: K'Gan (Purple Klg Tac)
  • Take Command of the <Full Shipname>

Your New Command[edit | edit source]

  • Talk to your First Officer
  • Move Towards the Asteroid Dead Ahead
  • Scan for Iridium
  • Move to the New Asteroid Field
  • Scan for Iridium
  • Collect Iridium (0/3)
  • Talk to your First Officer
  • Destroy Federation Frigate
  • Destroy Rescue Team (0/2)
  • Talk to your First Officer
  • Ambush Jamming Ships (0/3)
  • Scan for the Seg'pa
  • Approach the Seg'pa
  • Answer the Hail (Captain Kel Nola)
  • Rescue the Seg'pa
  • Contact Captain Kadgar

Rewards[edit | edit source]

3120 SP 780 E Disruptor DHC Mk II (Common)

Journey to Qo'nos[edit | edit source]

  • Warp to Qo'nos
  • Hail Qo'nos Prison
  • Beam to Prison

First City[edit | edit source]

  • Talk to the Prison Warden

(the prisoner is transferred)

  • Exit the Prison

(cutscene to Warriors Hall)

  • Talk to B'Elotja the Sparring Master
  • Challenge and Defeat Anyone in the Warriors Hall
  • Talk to B'Elotja
  • Challenge and Defeat One More Fighter
  • Talk to B'Elotja

Reward[edit | edit source]

  • Profession appropriate Kit - Standard Issue

Friend Or Foe[edit | edit source]

  • Go to the Pi Canis Sector Block
  • Investigate Vor System
  • Discuss Evidence
  • Meet with Worf on Qo'noS
  • Report to K'mtar
This is a button, on lower right (closed dialog). People have asked on Qo'nos: Where is K'mtar
  • Report to Klingon Defense Force (t collect reward)
This is actually K'mtar, since he is the mission giver for this one.

Reward[edit | edit source]

Hyper Impulse Engines [Spd]

sp 2232 (Replay - Tahno) xp 1949

Plus one of

  • Console - Science - Biofunction Monitor
  • Console - Science - Field Generator
  • Console - Science - Shield Emitter Amplifier

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Hints that a great house is "procuring weapons" and passing them on to the Tal Shiar, who are stock-piling them on Nimbus (This ties in with a Foundry story I am working on)