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Faction Romulan Republic.png Khiana

House of Shangdu
Fleet Rank:
Fleet General Rank Klingon Gen2.png
Engineering Officer
Birth year:
Unknown (Est. 2380)

Khiana[edit | edit source]

Khiana, formerly known as Three of Twenty-Four, is a relatively new character. She is a Liberated Borg Romulan who was rescued from a damaged Borg probe, liberated, and returned to New Romulas.

Bio[edit | edit source]

Three of Twenty-Four, Auxiliary Processor of Unimatrix 8363 was discovered along with 23 other drones when their probe was disabled by Klingon ships responding to distress calls from outposts on the edge of the Neutral Zone. Several surviving drones were liberated and returned to their home worlds.

Since being rescued from the collective, Three has chosen the name Khiana for herself, is coming to terms with her ordeal, and reacquainting herself with the Romulan people. Naturally when the time came to choose sides, she allied with the KDF, who had rescued her years earlier.

Notable Officers[edit | edit source]

Fifteen[edit | edit source]

Fifteen of Twenty-Four is a Liberated Borg Klingon who was found along with Khiana, and returned to Qo'nos. When Khiana joined the KDF she transferred to Khiana's crew. It is unclear what their connection is: Survivors, Shipmates, or perhaps there is still some form of subspace connection, resonating between them.

Ships Flown[edit | edit source]

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Goals[edit | edit source]

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