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I started playing STO in early July, 2010. Other games include:

  • EQ -- starting in 2001
  • DoAC
  • EQ2 -- primary game since Nov 2004 (worked on EQ2-Daily and EQ2i wikia).
  • SWG for the last 2 months before NGE (mourn) -- first Wiki Experience.
  • Istaria (was Horizons) -- great game, great crafting, new owners are actually reviving the game (currently also working on the wiki there).
  • Matrix Online.
  • EVE -- which is my current second favorite game (with several being my current first fav).
  • Vanguard (open beta and game start) -- on Vanguard Spheres staff as Wiki admin.
  • LotRO -- starting in open beta, contributed to wiki

Bio[edit | edit source]

Name Allan
Location New Jersey, USA
Age 60

Projects[edit | edit source]

Characters[edit | edit source]

We are proud members of the The Old Timers Guild.

Name Class Grade Ship Types
Thendora Engineering VA Assault Cruiser
Greyforth Tactical Lt Lignt Cruiser