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Faction Romulan Republic.png Tenraka Kalleh
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Tenraka is a genetically modified Romulan/Alien Subcommander in the Romulan Republic Navy.

Tenraka is allied with the Klingon Defense Force, believing them to be a superior military force. Cunning, aggressive and bold, Tenraka is seen by many as a capable starship commander and possibly an influential figure in the Romulan Republic.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early years[edit | edit source]

Tenraka was born in 2385 as the youngest of three feisty Romulan children. Growing up on Virinat, she faced some stigmatism due to the older, racist population. As a teenager, she created a small group of rebels who were just as fed up with the older members of the community as she was. The rebels were quickly arrested by the local police, and Tenraka spent time in jail for causing havoc.

Tenraka did poorly in school, often bored with the subject material and instead causing trouble, getting involved with drugs and hanging around the wrong social groups. She barely managed to pass high school before taking up a job as a clerk at the local convenience store. Still as rebellious as ever, she was fired relatively quickly. Tenraka drifted from job to job until the age of 24.

Abduction by the Elachi[edit | edit source]

The Virinat colony attack occurred at that point, throwing her life into limbo. She was abducted by the Elachi and was declared "lost" by official records. Sedated, Tenraka was the subject of multiple chemical experiments, transforming her from a Romulan to a pale skinned lifeform of mixed DNA. She was unconscious for most of the six months she was kidnapped.

Subcommander Rukia Kuchiki of the Romulan Republic Navy discovered her in the Elachi base in early 2409. Tenraka was transported away to Rukia's ship, the V'tal K'ihai, and was promptly treated. Unfortunately, due to the surprise Elachi invasion force, Tenraka could not be brought to a proper medical facility in time to fully reverse the genetic and physical damage.

After a full debriefing, Admiral Kererek allowed Tenraka to enlist as part of Rukia's crew for a period of six months, following her medical recovery. Tenraka spent three months in hospital recovering from her ordeal.

As a Romulan Republic officer[edit | edit source]

Tenraka was surprisingly disciplined and focused in her duties; so much so, that second officer Tovan Khev offered a dangerous mission to her, based solely on her exemplary performance. Tenraka accepted, and she found herself one of two Scorpion Fighter pilots accompanying Rukia to the Gamma Quadrant during the Karukan crisis.

After the successful completion of the mission, her six month service ended. Tenraka had nowhere else to go, and thus requested for re-enlistment. With a helpful recommendation from her former commander, Tenraka was instated as a lieutenant, and took command of a Dhelan-class warbird. For the next three months, Tenraka and her motley crew of Elachi abduction survivors made first contact with two new species, defended Republic territory multiple times, and protected Janok's mirror version from Tal Shiar agents at the Khitomer conference.

With the Undine conflict on the rise, the Romulan Republic needed captains as well as ships. As part of a candidacy pool of over 150 possible officers, Tenraka was selected to be one of fifty captains to be rushed through the ranks. Promoted instantly to Subcommander, Tenraka was quickly trained to take command of the new Ar'kif warbirds.

Tenraka is currently the commanding officer of the Ar'Kif warbird R.R.W. Felc'Zer.

Tenraka's Ships[edit | edit source]

Tenraka's Ships (2410)
Image Vessel Class Vessel Name Commanding Officer Vessel Status
50px D'Deridex-class Fleet Battle Cruiser Warbird Retrofit R.R.W. Felc'Zer Subcommander Tenraka Kalleh Destroyed,
s.d. 93142.1

Gallery[edit | edit source]


Tenraka's Ships

Notes[edit | edit source]

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