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Faction Romulan Republic.png T'areha Valdran
Rank Romulan Cap.png
R.R.W. Torelan
Science Officer
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T'areha Valdran is a Romulan Republic Commander and commanding officer of the R.R.W. Torelan, a former Tal Shiar experimental weapons platform.

Originating from Romulus and one of four siblings, Valdran joined the Tal Shiar as a temporal science researcher. She stole the Torelan and joined the Romulan Republic. Since then, Valdran's scientific abilities have been critical in the development of new temporal technology.

History[edit | edit source]

Early life[edit | edit source]

T'areha Valdran was born in 2382 on Romulus, the third of four children; her three brothers were D'Nal (eldest), Del'etham (second), and Rh'vaurek (youngest). Her mother D'Ral, a psychologist, divorced from her father Lhaes, a military weapon specialist, in 2386. D'Ral and her four children relocated to Rator III and settled in the countryside. T'areha and her family, save her father, were spared the destruction of Romulus.

Growing up, Valdran was a patient and intelligent child, showing much promise. Her intelligence increased exponentially as she matured, grasping calculus at the age of 16 and warp theory at 17. In 2399, she became a full citizen at the age of 18, and the following year, she started work as a temporal science researcher for the Tal Shiar.

As a Tal Shiar scientist[edit | edit source]

Valdran performed exceptionally well in her new position. While her work was not revolutionary, she did contribute to the Star Empire's knowledge of temporal science and paradoxes. The Tal Shiar never officially recognized her early work, as junior researchers were not equal to senior researchers or from prestigious families. She was first officially recognized for her work on temporal transporter theory in 2403 and was granted level 3 clearance, which included the research labs and starship berths.

Valdran, growing dissatisfied with Star Empire politics, reached a critical point when D'Ral was diagnosed with terminal cancer in March 2404 but was refused treatment due to her low social status. The medicine that could have prolonged her life was in short supply and was given to less critical patients of higher status instead. The family discussed their options, where D'Ral pleaded for assisted suicide to spare her a slow and painful death. Eldest brother D'Nal, as head of the family, accepted D'Ral's request and performed the act.

Distraught, Valdran created an elaborate plan to escape the Star Empire and join the Romulan Republic. She contacted the local Republic recruiting cell and offered to help. With the support of dissatisfied military officers, Valdran sprang into action on July 17, 2404.

With the Republic cell's help, Valdran staged a fake singularity core failure in one of the orbiting starship berths. When the security personnel evacuated, Valdran stole the I.R.W. Torelan, a D'ridthau-class warbird, from berth 2. Beaming aboard the rest of the cell, she hastily escaped Rator III and, after a brief and successful evasion, rendezvoused with the Republic Flotilla in the Azure sector.

Joining the Romulan Republic[edit | edit source]

The Romulan Republic welcomed Valdran and her fellow rogues. Valdran received a commission as a Subcommander of the Navy, in addition to a senior research position. The Torelan became the Republic's sole research vessel.

Valdran was one of the first Romulans to land on the newly colonized New Romulus. Her research team occupied one building of the Staging Area beginning in 2409.

The Torelan was part of the fleet defending New Romulus from the Elachi fleet.

The Iconian War[edit | edit source]


The Temporal Cold War[edit | edit source]


Personal life[edit | edit source]

Calm, methodical, and cool under pressure, Valdran is a true scientist at heart. While never attending a university, Valdran has the benefit of field experience both in the Tal Shiar and the Romulan Republic.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

With Rukia Kuchiki[edit | edit source]

T'areha served with Commander Kuchiki on a few occasions, notably the defense of New Romulus from the Elachi fleet and the Vaadwaur conflicts. T'areha and

With Tenraka Kalleh[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]


T'areha's Ships

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This character replaces Taris, who was redacted out of existence in 2015 with the release of the featured episode "Uneasy Allies".
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