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Second generation of U.S.S. Kiev is an Odyssey Science Cruiser starship under the command of Vice Admiral Cedric Roman Tousant. After the great success of the prototype Odyssey Star Cruiser of the first generation, U.S.S. Kiev-B has been additionally outfitted with a complement of hull repair drones dubbed Work Bees by the Stafleet and an Aquarius Escort, a small light attack craft larger than a runabout but smaller than a frigate.

Crew[edit | edit source]

  • Captain: Vice Admiral Cedric Roman Tousant
  • First Officer: Commander Romy
  • Chief Engineer: Commander Noreg
  • Chief of Operations: Lieutenant Commander Eight of Eight
  • Chief Science Officer: Lieutenant Commander Zelmek
  • Chief Medical Officer: Commander Four of Twelve
  • Chief Tactical Officer: Lieutenant Ninol
  • Security Chief: Lieutenant Kul
  • Second Tactical Officer: Lieutenant S'inta
  • Second Engineer: Master Chief Petty Officer Tayul Kylood
  • Transporter Chief: Master Chief Petty Officer T'Par

Armament[edit | edit source]

Subspace Field Modulator icon.png
Rare icon.png

[Subspace Field Modulator]

Console - Universal - Aquarius Escort icon.png
Common icon.png

[Console - Universal - Aquarius Escort]

Console - Universal - Chevron Separation icon.png
Common icon.png

[Console - Universal - Chevron Separation]

Console - Universal - Work Bees icon.png
Common icon.png

[Console - Universal - Work Bees]