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Note: WORK IN PROGRESS. Based off Fleet credit

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Introduced in Season 6, Fleet Marks are a form of currency for Fleet Starbase Projects. Players who contribute to projects for their starbase are provided with Fleet Credits.

Earning[edit | edit source]

There are several means for which Fleet Marks are earnt.

PvE Missions[edit | edit source]

There are several Player vs Environment (PvE) missions introduced in Season 6 that allow players to earn Fleet Marks. These are 5-player missions with set objectives. Each mission rewards up to a certain number of Fleet Marks, up to a maximum number, based on the team's performance during the mission. These missions are accessed through the PvE Queue, either in the form of a public match, or through setting up a private match.

They are similar to STF missions as they share similar aspects such as respawn timers and replay cooldowns, however they are faction locked, meaning that Federation and KDF players are able to team up.

PvE Mission Rewards
Mission: No Win Scenario
Mission: Colony Invasion Up to 19 Fleet Marks
Mission: Starbase Blockade
Mission: Starbase Incursion
Mission: Fleet Alert Up to 19 Fleet Marks

These rewards are increased if these missions are played during the Fleet Marks Event, which runs several times a day for 2 hours for each event.

Tholian Incursion Missions[edit | edit source]

During the Fleet Marks Event, players are able to earn Fleet Marks on top of the usual rewards given during the Tholian Incursion missions. The number of marks earnt is proportional to the listed mission difficulty, and all are repeatable with the exception of [Hard] missions, which can only be played once daily.

Tholian Incursion Missions - Exterior Rewards
[Easy] Mission: Industrial Espionage 5 Fleet Marks
[Easy] Mission: Scientific Sabotage 5 Fleet Marks
[Medium] Mission: Rescuing Redshirts 10 Fleet Marks
[Medium] Mission: Closing Doors 10 Fleet Marks
[Hard] Mission: Transdimensional Tactics 20 Fleet Marks
Tholian Incursion Missions - Interior Rewards
[Easy] Mission: Indentured Dismissal 5 Fleet Marks
[Easy] Mission: Interspacial Inquiry 5 Fleet Marks
[Medium] Mission: Scorched Science 10 Fleet Marks
[Medium] Mission: Reading Reconnaissance 10 Fleet Marks
[Hard] Mission: Scheduled Self Destruct 20 Fleet Marks
Tholian Incursion Missions - Zone Wide Rewards
[Zone Wide] Mission: Mineral Matters 15 Fleet Marks
[Zone Wide] Mission: Thinning the Hive 15 Fleet Marks

Please note: Fleet Marks from Tholian Incursion missions are only obtainable during the Fleet Marks Event.

Other Missions[edit | edit source]

There are other non-PvE queue missions that reward Fleet Marks. Currently, there is only 1 mission available.

Mission Rewards
Mission: Officer of the Watch (Daily) 1 Fleet Marks

Items[edit | edit source]

Currently, the only item that rewards Fleet Marks is the Fleet Tribble. This was to be rewarded to players who participated during the Tribble Test Weekend for Season 6. As of yet, this promised item has yet to be released.

Items Rewards
Fleet Tribble
Note: Not yet released.
1 Fleet Marks per use
Max: 1 Fleet Marks per hour

Spending[edit | edit source]

Fleet Marks are spendable through contributing to Fleet Starbase Projects. These are accessed through the Fleet Menu and are listed under Holdings.

List of Starbase Projects