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This is a sandbox page.

chars[edit | edit source]

career Rank Starfleet VAdm.png

Chief Engineer
Number One/Marshal
Federation/Imperial Recruiter

MikeWard1701-Ward main.jpg
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Ships[edit | edit source]

Uss Ship Name • Registry Class and Type[edit | edit source]

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“Ships motto goes here.”

Quote source
Fore Weapons; 12345
Aft Weapons; 12345
Deflector Array icon.png; 12345
Impulse Engines icon.png; 12345
Shield Array icon.png; 12345
Auxiliary Battery icon.png; 12345 12345
Console eng icon.png; ?
Console sci icon.png; ?
Console tac icon.png; ?
Carrier Commands icon (Federation).png; ?
Commander Tactical; 12345
Commander Tactical; 12345
Commander Engineering; 12345
Commander Science; 12345
Commander Universal; 12345

Crew area

Use Template:coloricon for items, Uncommon / Rare / Very Rare for bonuses. Boff_cmdr_tac.png

Vendors[edit | edit source]

Ship Armor[edit | edit source]

Kinetic All Energy Phaser Disruptor Plasma Tetryon Polaron Antiproton
Console - Engineering - Monotanium Alloy icon.pngCommon icon.pngMonotanium Alloy X
Console - Engineering - Neutronium Alloy icon.pngCommon icon.pngNeutronium Alloy X X
Console - Engineering - Polyduranium Alloy icon.pngCommon icon.pngPolyduranium Alloy X X
Console - Engineering - Tritanium Alloy icon.pngCommon icon.pngTritanium Alloy X X
Console - Engineering - Victorium Alloy icon.pngCommon icon.pngVictorium Alloy X X
Console - Engineering - Diburnium Hull Plating icon.pngCommon icon.pngDiburnium Hull Plating X X
Console - Engineering - Ablative Hull Armor icon.pngCommon icon.pngAblative Hull Armor X X X X
Console - Engineering - Electroceramic Hull Plating icon.pngCommon icon.pngElectroceramic Hull Plating X X
Console - Engineering - Tetraburnium Hull Armor icon.pngCommon icon.pngTetraburnium Hull Armor X X X X
Console - Engineering - Parametallic Hull Plating icon.pngCommon icon.pngParametallic Hull Plating X X

Character Box[edit | edit source]

  • WARD
  • Tactical
  • Science

Traits[edit | edit source]

Master Table[edit | edit source]

Trait Space /
Role /
Federation Klingon
And Baj Ben Bet Bol Hum Sau Trill Vul Alien Gorn Klingon* Lethean Nausicaan Orion Alien
Accurate Space D Tac                                
Acute Senses Ground D/S                                
Aggressive Ground D/T Tac                                
Astrophys. Space S Sci                                
Bite Ground D Tac                                
Circ. Redun. Ground T                                
Cold Blooded Ground T                                
Corrosive Blood Ground T                                
Covert Ground D/S                                
Creative Ground D/S                                
Efficient Space S Eng/Sci                                
Elusive Space S                                
Empathic Ground S Sci                                
Fury Ground                                
Honorable Ground T                                
Hyper Metab. Ground T                                
Leadership Space S                                
Lim. Telepathy Ground S/D                                
Lucky Ground D/S                                
Mental Disc. Ground T                                
Mind Meld Ground D/T                                
Nat. Armor Ground                                
Nat. Immun. Ground T                                
Nerve Pinch Ground D/S                                
Peak Health Ground T                                
Phy. Strength Ground D                             (M)  
Reptil. Str.                                
Resilient Ground T                                
Seduce Ground S                             (F)  
Soldier Ground D                                
Stubborn Ground T                                
Sturdy Ground T                                
Sure Footed Ground T                                
Teamwork Ground D                                
Techie Space S Eng/Sci                                
Telekinetic Ground D                                
Telepathic Ground S/D                                
Warp Theorist Space S Eng/Sci                                
Warrior Ground D                                
Trait Space /
Type /
And Baj Ben Bet Bol Hum Sau Trill Vul Alien Gorn Klingon* Lethean Nausicaan Orion Alien
Federation Klingon
  • Also available in Federation faction, either through purchase of a playable character (via the C-Store, or bridge officer.

Legend Type:

  • D = Damage
  • T = Tank
  • S = Support


  • Tactical
  • Engineering
  • Science

Traits Trait Chart

ShipBox[edit | edit source]

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Cannon: Rapid Fire III