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Faction, Class, Ranks[edit | edit source]

faction[edit | edit source]

Faction Starfleet.png - Faction Starfleet.png Faction KDF.png - Faction KDF.png

Faction FEDKDF.png - Faction FEDKDF.png

Class[edit | edit source]

Engineering Officer Candidate icon (Federation).png Drill Doctor icon.png Drill Doctor (Klingon) icon.png

Science Officer Candidate icon (Federation).png Crystal Method icon.png Crystal Method (Klingon) icon.png

Tactical Officer Candidate icon (Federation).png Incarcerator icon.png Incarcerator (Klingon) icon.png

Ranks[edit | edit source]

Rank Starfleet En.png | Rank Starfleet Lt.png | Rank Starfleet LtCom.png | Rank Starfleet Com.png | Rank Starfleet Cap.png ||
Rank Starfleet LAdm.png | Rank Starfleet RAdm.png | Rank Starfleet VAdm.png | Rank Starfleet Ad4.png | Rank Starfleet Ad5.png

Rank Klingon En.png | Rank Klingon Lt.png | Rank Klingon LtCom.png | Rank Klingon Com.png | Rank Klingon Cap.png ||
Rank Klingon Gen1.png | Rank Klingon Gen2.png | Rank Klingon Gen3.png | Rank Klingon Gen4.png | Rank Klingon Gen5.png

DOff System[edit | edit source]

Commandation Categories[edit | edit source]

Diplomacy: Attaché Attaché Consul Consul Envoy Envoy Ambassador Ambassador
Marauding: Raider Raider Privateer Privateer Pirate Pirate Marauder Marauder

Engineering: Technician Technician Theorist Theorist Inventor Inventor Chief Engineer Chief Engineer

Military: Soldier Soldier Adjutant Adjutant Tactician Tactician Number One/Marshal Number One/Marshal
Espionage: Asset Asset Agent Agent Saboteur Saboteur Spy Spy

Science: Researcher Researcher Scientist Scientist Professor Professor Chief Science Officer Chief Science Officer
Medical: Nurse/Field Medic Nurse/Field Medic Doctor Doctor Surgeon Surgeon Chief Medical Officer Chief Medical Officer

Exploration: Surveyor Surveyor Forerunner Forerunner Explorer Explorer Master Explorer Master Explorer
Colonial: Colonist Colonist Pioneer Pioneer Colonial Administrator Colonial Administrator Governor Governor

Trade: Trader Trader Entrepreneur Entrepreneur Magnate Magnate Executive Executive

Development: Trained Trained Learned Learned Experienced Experienced Veteran Veteran
Recruitment: Advocate Advocate Promoter Promoter Recruiter Recruiter Federation/Imperial Recruiter Federation/Imperial Recruiter

Departments[edit | edit source]

Doff dept Starfleet Tactical.png Doff dept Klingon Tactical.png Doff dept Starfleet Security.png Doff dept Klingon Security.png Doff dept Starfleet Engineering.png Doff dept Klingon Engineering.png Doff dept Starfleet Operations.png Doff dept Klingon Operations.png Doff dept Starfleet Science.png Doff dept Klingon Science.png Doff dept Starfleet Medical.png Doff dept Klingon Medical.png Doff dept Starfleet Civilian.png Doff dept Klingon Civilian.png

Ranks[edit | edit source]

Doff rank Starfleet Crewman.png Doff rank Starfleet Petty Officer.png Doff rank Starfleet Chief Petty Officer.png Doff rank Starfleet Master Chief Petty Officer.png Doff rank Starfleet Ensign.png Doff rank Starfleet Lieutenant Junior Grade.png Doff rank Starfleet Lieutenant.png

Doff rank Starfleet Specialist.png Doff rank Starfleet Senior Specialist.png Doff rank Starfleet Senior Chief Specialist.png

Doff rank Starfleet Technician.png

Doff rank Starfleet Civilian.png

Images[edit | edit source]

Ranks; Rank Starfleet En.png Rank Starfleet Lt.png Rank Starfleet LtCom.png Rank Starfleet Com.png Rank Starfleet Cap.png Rank Starfleet LAdm.png

Phaser Beam Array Mk III icon.png
Rare icon.png

Templates[edit | edit source]

Images and Icons;




Other[edit | edit source]

UserBoxes[edit | edit source]

Project:Userbox gallery

Faction[edit | edit source]

Faction Starfleet.png This user plays only Starfleet characters.
Faction KDF.png This user plays only Klingon faction characters.
Faction FEDKDF.png This user plays Federation and Klingon characters.
Faction Romulan Republic.png This user plays only Romulan faction characters.

Career[edit | edit source]

Console tac icon.png This user is a tactical officer by nature.
Console eng icon.png This user is an engineering officer by nature.
Console sci icon.png This user is a science officer by nature.

Energy[edit | edit source]

Pierced Veil icon.png This user likes Phaser energy weapons.
Hull Smasher icon.png This user likes Disruptor energy weapons.
Solar Flare Gun icon.png This user likes Plasma energy weapons.
De-Cloak and Dagger icon.png This user likes Tetryon energy weapons.
Frictive Force icon.png This user likes Polaron energy weapons.
Strike from the Record icon.png This user likes Antiproton energy weapons.
Rainbow-icon.png This user likes to mix different energy weapons.

Projectile[edit | edit source]

Photon-Userbox-icon.png This user likes Photon torpedoes and mines.
Quantum-Userbox-icon.png This user likes Quantum torpedoes and mines.
Plasma-Userbox-icon.png This user likes Plasma torpedoes and mines.
Chroniton-Userbox-icon.png This user likes Chroniton torpedoes and mines.
Transphasic-Userbox-icon.png This user likes Transphasic torpedoes and mines.
Tricobalt-Userbox-icon.png This user likes Tricobalt devices and mines

Useful Stuff[edit | edit source]

Lem's Link Box[edit | edit source]