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Hi. I just randomly edit pages when I see something needing correcting. And try not to break anything else. Apologies if I ever do.

In Game Stuff:

I also am AuroraKet on the STO official forums, playing Ishaka (tac), Althenia (eng), M'iaria (sci), and K'dara (tac).


I'm not on teams very often, so if there's a misunderstanding/mistake involving me while I'm on one, I apologize. That might sound odd, but well, as with any game, accusations fly, and I'd rather apologize up front than be identified as an active griefer because I made a mistake.

Outside of that, well, if I'm into something, I throw myself into it, when it goes down. I'd also rather not be claimed as one of the ones who sits outside and lets other people do things just to farm for accolades or emblems. Doing that is lame. I won't do it, I'd hope others wouldn't in a group with me. :p

End Disclaimer.

What else to put here... hrm...