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Commands[edit | edit source]

Current Commands[edit | edit source]

Federation Tactical Escort Retrofit.png

U.S.S. Francis, NCC-174205[edit | edit source]

... is a retrofit Defiant class escort. Currently commanded by the Admiral, it specializes in hit-and-run tactics and ambushes. It is one of two ships under the Admiral's command capable of cloaking.

Federation Dreadnought Cruiser.png

U.S.S. Falcon, NCC-93143[edit | edit source]

... is a retrofit Galaxy class dreadnought cruiser. Equipped with a cloaking device, a phaser spinal lance, and phaser dual heavy cannons, it is both a support platform for retrofit Defiant-class ships and a massive damage platform in and of itself.

Former Commands[edit | edit source]

Default Miranda Class (Reversed).jpg

U.S.S. Thanatophilia, NCC-92465[edit | edit source]

... is a Miranda class cruiser commanded by Demonic Blitz as an Ensign, and later Lieutenant. Following his promotion to Lieutenant Commander, it was returned to Utopia Planitia for recommissioning. Discharged: stardate 89498.54

Akira class.png

U.S.S. Pittsburgh, NCC-94941[edit | edit source]

... is a modified Akira class escort temporarily commanded by Demonic Blitz as a Commander while the Philadelphia was being retrofit. Shortly after transfer, it was destroyed in the Cardassia Sector by the Borg. Discharged: stardate 89498.59