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Introduction[edit | edit source]

Traits are a feature that effect your character and your bridge officers at a global level. They have a direct influence on the strenghts of your characer and, as they are a permanent choice and cannot be revised after they have been set during character creation, should be chosen carefully.

Basics[edit | edit source]

Each character is allowed a total of four traits. Most races come pre-selected with one, two or even three traits, while the player picks the remaining ones. In addition each race has his own trait pool from where the player has to pick its traits, limiting some traits to a few races (i.e. Acute Senses) or even making a trait mutually exclusive to one race (i.e. Pirate for Nausicaans).

Experienced players consider which role they are going to play in the game when selecting a combination of race and traits. Some races are better suited for certain roles than others. Betazoids for example make fairly well medics, since they automatically start with a trait that not only decreases their Threat generation but also increases the Health Regenation on their team.

Note: Bridge officers also have traits. Each Bridge officer will have four of them, generated upon creation of the officer. Bridge Officers mostly share their trait pools with player characters although there are some slight differences.

Do you want to know more about bridge officer traits?

Details[edit | edit source]

When you skim through the various available traits showing during character creation you will notice that they are divided into four categories Innate, Enhancement, Passive and Activatable as well as QueueSpace.png Space and QueueGround.png Ground traits. While the difference between Ground and Space seems obvious the four categories are a bit more complicated to understand.

Innate traits are active all the time but only affect your player character.

Enhancements are also active all the time but in addition to only affecting your player character they are limited to enhancing specific powers only.

Passive traits are a little broader. They might affect your whole team, or require a certain condition to be met before activating. Most team affecting passive traits have a rather small area of effect.

Activatable traits are like the name suggests activatable. You use them by selecting them on your quickbar. With the exception of Spirit Walk all of them require an enemy as active target.

See our trait chart for an overview of viable race and trait combinations.

List of Traits[edit | edit source]

Space[edit | edit source]

Required for
Accurate icon.png Accurate Yes Innate
Astrophysicist icon.png Astrophysicist Yes Innate
Efficient Captain icon.png Efficient Captain Liberated Borg Yes Innate
Elusive icon.png Elusive Yes Innate
Joined Symbiote icon.png Joined Symbiote Joined Trill No Innate
Leadership icon.png Leadership Human No Innate
Techie icon.png Techie Yes Innate
Warp Theorist icon.png Warp Theorist Yes Innate

Ground[edit | edit source]

Required for
Acute Senses icon.png Acute Senses Andorian, Ferengi, Saurian Yes Innate
Aggressive icon.png Aggressive None Yes Passive
Bite icon.png Bite None[1] Yes Activatable
Borg Nanites icon.png Borg Nanites Liberated Borg No Passive
Neural Blast icon.png Borg Neural Blast None[2] Yes Activatable
Circulatory Redundancies icon.png Circulatory Redundancies Saurian No Innate
Cold Dwelling icon.png Cold Dwelling None[3] Yes Innate
Cold-Blooded icon.png Cold-Blooded Gorn Yes Innate
Corrosive Blood icon.png Corrosive Blood Bolian No Passive
Covert icon.png Covert None Yes Innate
Creative icon.png Creative Bajoran Yes Enhancement
Dumb Luck icon.png Dumb Luck Pakled No Passive
Empathic icon.png Empathic Betazoid No Passive
Feline Instincts icon.png Feline Instincts Caitian No Innate
Fury icon.png Fury None[3] Yes Passive
Honorable icon.png Honorable Klingon No Innate
Hyper Metabolism icon.png Hyper Metabolism Joined Trill, Trill No Passive
Limited Telepathy icon.png Limited Telepathy None Yes Innate
Logical icon.png Logical Vulcan No Passive
Lucky icon.png Lucky None Yes Innate
Mental Discipline icon.png Mental Discipline None Yes Passive
Mind Meld icon.png Mind Meld None[4] Yes Activatable
Natural Armor icon.png Natural Armor Benzite No Innate
Natural Immunities icon.png Natural Immunities Benzite, Ferengi Yes Innate
Nerve Pinch icon.png Nerve Pinch None[4] Yes Activatable
Peak Health icon.png Peak Health None Yes Innate
Physical Strength icon.png Physical Strength Nausicaan, Orion (male), Vulcan Yes Enhancement
Pig-Headed icon.png Pig-Headed Tellarite No Passive
Pirate icon.png Pirate Nausicaan No Passive
Pounce icon.png Pounce None[5] Yes Activatable
Rapture icon.png Rapture Lethean No Activatable
Reptilian Strength icon.png Reptilian Strength Gorn No Enhancement
Resilient icon.png Resilient Gorn Yes Innate
Seduce (female) icon.png Seduce None[6] Yes Activatable
Seductive icon.png Seductive Orion (female) No Passive
Soldier icon.png Soldier None Yes Enhancement
Spirit Walk icon.png Spirit Walk Rigelian No Activatable
Spiritual icon.png Spiritual Bajoran No Innate
Stubborn icon.png Stubborn None Yes Passive
Sturdy icon.png Sturdy Tellarite Yes Innate
Sure Footed icon.png Sure Footed None Yes Innate
Teamwork icon.png Teamwork Human Yes Passive
Telekinetic icon.png Telekinetic None[7] Yes Activatable
Telepathic icon.png Telepathic Betazoid, Lethean Yes Innate
Warrior icon.png Warrior Klingon No Passive

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References[edit | edit source]

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