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--> My next project: Guide:Canon ship classes in STO

Any help appreciated!!!

Planning on creating a comprehensive table listing all canon skins for starships in STO. Gonna start with Federation ships, eventually also including KDF vessels and small craft.

Canon class STO screenshot STO Type STO class name, rank and cost
Nebula class Federation Advanced Research Vessel.png Science Vessel Rank Starfleet Com.png Advanced Research Vessel - 1000 Zen small icon.png
Akira class Akira class.png Escort Rank Starfleet Com.png Heavy Escort | Refit - 40,000 Refined dilithium icon.png | 1000 Zen small icon.png
Rank Starfleet VAdm.png Heavy Escort Carrier | Fleet - 2500 Zen small icon.png | 20,000 Fleet Marks + 4 Fleet Ship Module icon.png
Galaxy class Exploration Cruiser Refit Intro.jpg Cruiser Rank Starfleet Cap.png Exploration Cruiser - 80,000 Refined dilithium icon.png
Intrepid class Federation Long Range Science Vessel.png Science Vessel Rank Starfleet Cap.png Long Range Science Vessel - 80,000 Refined dilithium icon.png
Defiant class Default Defiant Class.jpg Escort Rank Starfleet Cap.png Tactical Escort - 80,000 Refined dilithium icon.png
Prometheus class Prometheus class MVAM assembled.png Escort Rank Starfleet LAdm.png Advanced Escort - 120,000 Refined dilithium icon.png

Also: Separate list of not yet implemented canon ships classes

  • 24th century
    • Norway class
    • New Orleans
    • Springfield
    • Ambassador
    • Challenger
    • Niagara
    • Freedom
    • Yeager-type
    • Curry-type
  • 23rd century
    • Sydney
    • Constellation
    • Soyuz
  • 22nd century
    • Intrepid-type
    • Sarajevo-type
    • Daedalus
  • Small craft
    • Raven-type
    • Types 6, 7, 9
    • Janeway-type
    • Argo
    • NX-Shuttlepod