Universal Kit Module - Phasic Shroud

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Universal Kit Module - Phasic Shroud icon.png
Epic icon.png
Universal Kit Module - Phasic Shroud Mk XII
Epic Kit Module
Account Bind On Equip
Cannot Equip more than 1 of this Item
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

Phasic Shroud
TempHP, Dodge and Minor Stealth
+841.8 Temporary Hit Points for 12 sec
+74% Dodge for 12 sec
+450 Stealth for 12 sec
-33.3% Run Speed for 12 sec
Sprinting Disabled for 12 sec
25 sec recharge
Value: 29,260 Energy credit icon.png

Universal Kit Module - Phasic Shroud is a Kit Module which can be slotted into the module slot, unrestricted by character's career. It can be acquired from the Na'kuhl Lock Box or the Infinity Lock Box.

Game Description[edit | edit source]

Special Ability: Phasic Shroud icon (Federation).png Phasic Shroud

Slip slightly out of phase with the normal timestream, granting protection from incoming damage. You will have an enhanced chance of dodging incoming attacks (which reduces the damage they deal) and any damage that does connect will be absorbed by phasic duplicates. This comes with a slight downside however, as you will move more slowly and be unable to sprint.

Once sufficient damage is taken (or the duration expires), you will reincorporate into the normal timestream, and all effects will end.