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United Federation of Planets (25th century)

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United Federation of Planets

Federation Emblem.png

Playable Faction
Release Date:
Political System:
Representative Republic
President Aennik Okeg
Foreign Policy:
Peaceful Exploration
Alliance Relations:
Capital World:
Beta Quadrant

The United Federation of Planets (25th century) is one of playable factions in Star Trek Online. Founded in 2161, it is the governing body of an alliance of more than 150 planetary governments, spread out over 8,000 light years and thousands of worlds (including founding worlds Earth, Vulcan, Andoria and Tellar Prime), each working in cooperation to uphold their principles of justice, equality, and rights, as well as expand and share their knowledge and resources for the purpose of space exploration and peaceful cooperation with other races.

The Federation's military, defensive, and exploratory branch is named Starfleet, of which each Federation player will automatically be an officer. Note that "Starfleet" is not the Federation, it is only the military branch to a civil government, similar to the United States of America's naval branch.

Player Characters[edit | edit source]

Upon starting a new Federation character, players must choose a career (analogous to a 'class' from other MMORPGs) and a species (or race). The career determines the character's native abilities, and the race determines the character's innate traits, and in certain cases, special abilities. In ground combat, the career choice and racial traits drastically affect the gameplay and strategies used by the player.

When the player completes the tutorial (or skips it), a Starfleet Light Cruiser is assigned to them, which acts as the player's avatar in space and sector space, and is the primary method of combat and interaction in space. The character's career affects the type of gameplay strategies used by the player, as well as the customizable Bridge Officer abilities and ship consoles.

Classes[edit | edit source]

Main article: Career path

In Star Trek Online, players may choose which career they wish their character to adopt. Players are able to choose from the following three career paths:

Tactical Officer Candidate icon (Federation).png Engineering Officer Candidate icon (Federation).png Science Officer Candidate icon (Federation).png
Tactical Engineering Science

Each profession has its own advantages (and, of course, disadvantages) in the gameplay of Star Trek Online.

Races[edit | edit source]

See also: Federation members on Memory Alpha.

Federation characters have a diverse range of playable races to choose from including long standing Federation members such as Andorians and Vulcans, to Federation allies such as the Ferengi and Talaxians. Most races are free to play, while some are paid for.

Each race offers unique traits and abilities which can aid a certain type of play. Once the race is chosen, it cannot be changed so it is advisable to choose carefully.

The Federation includes hundreds of members, with non-playable species in-game including the Aenar, Deltans, Denobulans, Ithenites, Risians, Violaceans and Zambeans. Dozens of other non-Federation species have been seen to serve in Starfleet including Capellans, Ktarian, Xenexians and Photonic lifeforms to name a few.

Species Acquisition Innate traits
Andorian Female.jpg
Free Ground bonus:
  • +10 Perception
  • +10% Exploit Damage
  • +25% Resistance to Flanking Damage
  • Bonus damage for each point of missing health which increases greatly as health nears zero
Bajoran Male.jpg
Free Ground bonus:
  • +0.2% Healing to Shields and Hitpoints
  • 10% bonus to healing abilities used on you
  • +0.1 Regeneration
Benzite Male.jpg
Free Ground bonus:
  • +10 Resistance to Physical damage
  • +33.33 resistance to Toxic and Radiation damage
  • +5 Resistance to Energy damage
Betazoid Female.jpg
Free Ground bonus:
  • +10 Perception
  • +1.5% Expose Chance
  • +1 sec Expose Duration
  • Reduced threat
  • Increased Team Regeneration
Bolian Female.jpg
Free Ground bonus:
  • Chance for Toxic DoT against attackers who bite you
  • +10% Maximum Hitpoints
  • +20 Resistance to Toxic damage
Caitian Male.jpg
600Zen small icon.png Ground bonus:
  • 10% chance to Dodge half damage of ranged attacks
  • +75% Jump Height
  • +10 Perception
  • +10% Exploit Damage
Cardassian Starfleet.png
1000Zen small icon.png Space bonus: Recalled Tactics

Gain a stack of Recalled Tactics once every 5 seconds during combat

  • +2 Accuracy Rating Per Stack (5 Stacks Max)
  • +2 Defense Rating Per Stack (5 Stacks Max)
  • +2 Weapon Damage Per Stack (5 Stacks Max)

Ground: Bonus Resistance to:

  • Placate
  • Confuse
  • Hold/Stun
Ferengi Male.jpg
Free Ground bonus:
  • +10 Perception
  • .25 Flank Damage Reduction
  • +10% Exploit Damage
  • 20% energy credit/gold-pressed latinum store discount
  • +.33 Resistance to Toxic and Radiation
Human Male.jpg
Free Space bonus:
  • +30% Subsystem Repair and Hull Regen Rate (+60% out of combat)

Ground bonus:

  • +5% team exploit damage
Klingon Male Fed.jpg
600Zen small icon.png Ground bonus:
  • +15% Physical Damage
  • +5 All Damage Resistance Rating
  • +5% All Energy Damage
  • +15% Critical Severity
  • +10% Threat Generation
Liberated Borg Human Male.jpg
Liberated Borg
Space bonus:

Ground bonus:

  • +10% Health Regeneration
  • +6% Shield Regeneration
Pakled Female.jpg
Free Ground bonus:
  • +4% Critical Chance
  • -30 Stun resistance
  • -30 Confuse resistance
  • -30 Placate resistance
Rigelian Male.jpg
Free Ground bonus & clickable ability:
  • Spirit Walk icon.png Spirit Walk ability
  • +60 Hit Points
  • +9 Hit Points/sec for 6 sec
  • +100 All Damage Resistance Rating for 6 sec
Saurian Male.jpg
Free Ground bonus:
  • +10 Plasma Damage Resistance Rating
  • +40 Toxic Damage Resistance Rating
  • +25 Fire Damage Resistance Rating
  • +10 Perception
  • +5% Exploit Damage
  • +20% Resistance to Flanking Damage
Talaxian Female Fed.jpg
Space & Ground bonus:
  • +5% Incoming Healing to Self and Team
  • +5% Skill Points and Expertise to Team
Tellarite Female.jpg
Free Ground bonus:
  • +Res (Physical, Kinetic), +Res (Placate, Hold, Knock)
  • 50% chance for +20% All Damage for 20 sec when receiving a critical hit.
  • Click "Stubborn" to free yourself from Confuse and Placate effects.
Trill Female.jpg
Free Ground bonus:
  • +33% Radiation Damage Resistance Rating
  • +33% Toxic Damage Resistance Rating
  • 0.1 Health Regeneration
Trill Female.jpg
Trill (joined)
600Zen small icon.png Space bonus:

Ground Bonus:

  • +10% Health regeneration
  • +24.6% Radiation damage resistance
  • +24.6% Toxic damage resistance
Vulcan Female.jpg
Free Ground bonus:
  • Bonus resistance to Psionic, Placate, and Confuse
  • 0.15 bonus to Melee damage
  • 15% chance to knock down the target of your melee attacks
Federation Alien Female.jpg
Free No species trait, instead Alien captains are given one extra trait slot each for ground and space

Starships[edit | edit source]

See main article: Federation playable starships

There are three main types of playable Starfleet vessel, each with numerous sub-types for different ranks and styles of play, and each of those sub-types with a number of cosmetic variants. The types of vessel are generally biased towards a specific class, but players of any class can captain any type of vessel.

Federation Assault Cruiser (Sovereign).png Default Defiant Class.jpg Federation Advanced Research Vessel (Nebula).png
Cruiser Escort Science Vessel

Storyline missions[edit | edit source]

Faction Starfleet.png Federation Storyline Episodes

Politics[edit | edit source]

President Okeg
See Memory Alpha United Federation of Planets

The United Federation of Planets (UFP) is a federal representative republic with its capital located in the cities of Paris and San Francisco on Earth (Vulcan Sector). The constitutional document of the Federation is the Federation Charter, which was signed in the 22nd century by founding members Andoria, Earth, Tellar Prime and Vulcan.

Its head of state and government is an elected President who, since 2392, has been Aennik Okeg. The legislature is the Federation Council and the Federation Supreme Court is its judiciary.

In addition to the main organs of state, a number of executive agencies operate such as the Department of Temporal Investigations. There are also unofficial agencies such as the rumored Section 31.

Federation members maintain a high degree of local sovereignty over their own affairs, and a certain degree of autonomous interstellar diplomacy. They often maintain their own local military forces for internal security and planetary defense.

History[edit | edit source]

See Chronology for further in-game history or Federation history on Memory Alpha for broader Star Trek lore.
Fleet Admiral Jorel Quinn (left) and Chancellor J'mpok (right) agree on a cease-fire between the Federation and the Klingon Empire in 2410.

The Federation was formed in San Francisco, Earth, in 2161 upon the signing of the Charter of the United Federation of Planets by its four founding species; the Humans, Vulcans, Andorians, and Tellarites. Being in conflict with the Klingon Empire during the 22nd and 23rd centuries, the Khitomer Accords of 2293 brought over 100 years of relative peace between both powers. In 2405, the peace between the Federation and the Empire is ended when Starfleet establishes a blockade of the Hromi Cluster. Five years later, a cease-fire is re-established between both powers in order to jointly counter the Iconian threat.

Military (NPCs)[edit | edit source]

Space[edit | edit source]

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