U.S.S. Pathfinder (NCC-97600)

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FederationU.S.S. Pathfinder
Thomas Marrone
Earth Spacedock
Active (2410)

The U.S.S. Pathfinder is a Pathfinder-class science vessel in service to Starfleet in 2410 and the prototype of that class. In that year she was one of several vessels docked inside Earth Spacedock.

Missions involved[edit | edit source]

  • “Midnight”: While the Pathfinder herself does not directly appear, Captain Thomas Marrone, known to be the Captain of the Pathfinder, is present at Captain Kagran's briefing, implying the presence of the vessel during the battle.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Originally, the Pathfinder was depicted with the Registry Number 47656 and is still depicted with this number in the In-game Ship Vendor. However, Thomas Marrone has since revised the Pathfinder's registry to 97600 and is depicted with that number in current dev blogs, artwork, and other material.
  • The Pathfinder is the setting of the Star Trek Online development team's Star Trek Adventures Campaign, which is periodically streamed (and are available on demand on the STO YouTube page). These adventures are considered non-canon to the main STO universe (with the largest deviation being the presence of Commander Kyona as the first officer of the Pathfinder).