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Tzenkethi Coalition

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TzenkethiTzenkethi Coalition

Tzenkethi Ground Forces.png
A group of Tzenkethi soldiers on Khufano

NPC Faction
Notable Species:
Alpha Quadrant
Capital World:
Political System:
Foreign Policy:
"The Autarch"
Alliance Relations:
Open warfare

A Tzenkethi Fleet

The Tzenkethi Coalition is the official governing body of the Tzenkethi people. Ruled by an Autarch, the Coalition is a major political power in the Alpha Quadrant of the Milky Way. A territorial and aggressive species, Tzenkethi are known to be quite ruthless and devious in battle.

History[edit | edit source]

Early Conflicts[edit | edit source]

In the mid-24th century, Tzenkethi fought a war against the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire, accusing them of taking worlds of high importance to the Coalition. Among the Starfleet starships involved in the conflict was the U.S.S. Okinawa, under the command of Captain Leyton, who had fought against a number of Tzenkethi raiders. Benjamin Sisko served as an executive officer aboard that vessel.

Warriors of the Klingon Empire also clashed with Tzenkethi forces. Rodek, who would later help lead the Alliance in the battle against Tzenkethi, remembered fighting them, claiming that the Coalition always prefered a more direct approach to battle as guile was not their strong suit. Martok took part in this conflict as well, and led a battle against the Coalition on Tzenketh III. His actions during the war, where he single-handedly killed many Tzenkethi warriors, made him known as the Butcher. ( “Brushfire”)

Time of Peace[edit | edit source]

After their defeat, the Tzenkethi withdrew from the galaxy at large and avoided contact with the Federation for over half a century.

At some point, Tzenkethi came in contact with strange creatures known to them as Drantzuli. These beings hatched from crystal-like structures found on multiple worlds throughout the Alpha Quadrant. For reasons yet unknown, the Coalition views the Drantzuli as a threat to their existence, which led to Autarch forming the Autarchical Dictate 1219, ordering all Tzenkethi forces that any world with such crystals must be obliterated of all life. ( “Melting Pot”)

In 2399, at the very beginning of the Klingon aggression in Gorn space, they established communications with the Lukari, a warp-capable species from a nearby system. During a diplomatic visit, they learned of Lukari's protomatter technology, which they experimented with in the past, but failed to stabilize. Aware this technology could help them in their conflict against the Drantzuli, Coalition officer ordered a Ferengi merchant, Madran, to steal this technology.

Renewed Threat[edit | edit source]

Coalition sterilized dozens of worlds in fear of Drantzuli.

In 2410, an Alliance officer, alongside Lukari Concordium representative Kuumaarke, found evidence that the Tzenkethi were behind the attack on a habitable world in the 20 Draconis System, which resulted in the whole population being wiped out. The United Federation of Planets began looking into the matter at hand and decided to reestablish diplomatic ties, hoping this would prevent any unnecessary conflict. ( “Echoes of Light”)

However, further investigation by the Lukari revealed a dozens of other worlds throughout the Alpha Quadrant sterilized by the same type of weapon - a protomatter bomb. Rodek, now a General, was put in charge of a joint Alliance-Concordium operation to prevent the Coalition from inflicting more damage.

A full-scale war began in late 2410, when L.S.S. Reskava, I.K.S. Kor and an Alliance vessel clashed with Tzenkethi over Khufano, another world they intended to destroy. Such action was prevented, and the Lukari founded a Restoration Initiative, tasked with returning life to attacked worlds. Meanwhile, the Alliance started battling the Tzenkethi on several fronts, attempting to prevent them from harvesting materials from the Gon'Cra System and taking control over Eta Serpentis System, which would give them access to a number of new sectors and vulnerable worlds. ( “Of Signs and Portents”)

Amongst the worlds targeted by the Coalition were Povin, Dynaj-4, Kzuuln-5, an Uuli homeworld and New Kentar's moon. ( “Mirrors and Smoke”) Some Tzenkethi officers condemned these attacks, but due to their small numbers, not much was done to stop them.

After inspecting several of the sterilized worlds, Kuumaarke recognized that, in each case, their intended target were germanium crystals, but remained unaware of their importance to the Coalition.

The Tzenkethi continued experimenting with their protomatter weaponry and succesfully developed an experimental protomatter projectile, which could be deployed by simply launching it from the torpedo tube.

Coalition attempted to topple the Klingon Empire by allying with Torg.

With all the main forces in the Alpha and Beta quadrants now openly at war against them, the Coalition sought allies inside the Klingon Empire - House of Torg. In exchange for Martok, whom the Tzenkethi found guilty of massive massacre of their people during the last war, the Coalition was willing to give Torg an experimental projectile which would help him take control over the Empire. In exchange for their help in bringing down J'mpok, Torg would pull the Empire out of the war. The deal went sideways, as Torg was killed by Martok, who was liberated by General Rodek and an Alliance officer. ( “Brushfire”)

After learning of the presence of Drantzuli "eggs" in the Dranuur System, Tzenkethi sent forces led by Aarn Tzen-Tarrak to clash with Alliance ships in orbit and launch a protomatter torpedo at both the Dranuur and its moon to stop the Drantzuli from hatching. While the moon was sterilized, an Alliance officer managed to persuade a junior Tzenkethi officer into stopping the extermination of the planet, ending further conflict. ( “Melting Pot”)

Aarn Tzen-Tarrak, who was incapacitated during the battle, continued his hostilities afterwards and launched several more attacks against joint Lukari-Kentari colony.

Missions involved[edit | edit source]

Future Proof[edit | edit source]

  • Faction FedRomKDF.png “Sunrise” (mentioned): Lukari Administrator Kuumaarke tells the player that, along with the Ferengi, the Tzenkethi were one of the few species her rather reclusive civilization had made contact with until 2410.

New Frontiers[edit | edit source]

  • Faction FedRomKDF.png “Echoes of Light” (mentioned): The player and now-Captain Kuumaarke discover the Tzenkethi have deployed a protomatter bomb to exterminate the population of 20 Draconis B for as-yet undetermined reasons.
  • Faction FedRomKDF.png “Of Signs and Portents” The player, accompanied by General Rodek and Concordium Captain Kuumaarke, follows the trail of destruction left by the Tzenkethi to the Jod'Cor System. After the player deactivates the Tzenkethi protomatter bomb in a cave on the surface of Khufano, Tzenkethi, led by a Fleet Admiral Aarn Tzen-Tarrak, arrive with the reinforcements. Player, assisted by the I.K.S. Kor and L.S.S. Reskava destroys the reinforcing vessels, forcing the Tzenkethi Fleet Admiral to retreat. Kuumaarke starts forming a hypothesis that Tzenkethi are targeting worlds with a specific type of crystals previously found in 20 Draconis System.
  • Faction FedRomKDF.png “Mirrors and Smoke”: Despite the attempt of an Alliance officer and Kentari military to stop them, Tzenkethi successfully sterilize New Kentar's agricultural moon.
  • Faction FedRomKDF.png “Brushfire”: During a mission to free Martok from Torg's Son'a Facility in the Briar Patch, player and Rodek run into Tzenkethi. In exchange for Martok, Coalition offered Torg assistance in taking control of the Empire, as well as selling him an experimental torpedo. Their brief alliance ends as Martok kills Torg and takes command of his vessel. After suffering a major defeat in space, Tzenkethi Commander Waram Tzen-Gravu retreats, but not before promising that the Alliance will see him again.
  • Faction FedRomKDF.png “Melting Pot”: The Coalition attacks the joint Kentari-Lukari colony in the Dranuur system, where it is confirmed that the Coalition has been targeting the crystals originally found on 20 Draconis B, as said crystals contain a species known as the Drantzuli. Coalition captain Neth Parr cooperates with Lukari and Alliance forces to eradicate the Drantzuli threat on the ground, then withdraws after assuming command of the task force during the ensuing space battle. She warns the Alliance that the Autarch will stop at nothing until the Drantzuli have been eliminated.
  • Faction FedRomKDF.png “Scylla and Charybdis”: The Coalition's protomatter attacks draw ever closer to Federation space, culminating in a large scale battle over Bajor. After Captain Parr switches sides and aides the player and General Martok in bringing Tzen-Tarrak to heel, it is revealed that the true targets of the Tzenkethi attacks had been the Hur'q, long though to be extinct. The remaining Tzenkethi forces over Bajor then aid the Alliance in destroying several newly launched Hur'q vessels.

PvE Queues and Battlezones[edit | edit source]

  • Faction FedRomKDF.png “Gravity Kills”: To make their protomatter, the Tzenkethi must synthesize exotic particles from highly distorted areas of space. Their collection efforts have spurred them to create a microquasar hypermass — a compacted area of space-time that emits the necessary particles, with special facilities around it for collection and processing. Colloquially, they have created a black hole! Alliance forces join the I.K.S. Kor and the U.S.S. Jupiter in assaulting the Tzenkethi processing stations near the hypermass.
  • Faction FedRomKDF.png “The Tzenkethi Front”: Alliance forces clash with Tzenkethi in Eta Serpentis System, where they are tasked with defending the planet and Klingon starbase in orbit from the protomatter bombs. Players are forced to defeat the Tzenkethi attackers, retrieve their protomatter bombs, and then fly them back to the enemy bases to destroy them.
  • Faction FedRomKDF.png Competitive PvE Queues: Simulated Tzenkethi Coalition forces may engage Alliance Captains as they complete their challenge.

Other involvement[edit | edit source]

  • "A Gathering of Wills" (mentioned): Klingon General Rodek meets with Colonel Taanu of the Lukari Security Force to discuss Tzenkethi activity. Taanu confirms that the Lukari have determined that the Tzenkethi are using Protomatter weaponry, and have detonated several devices along the Alpha Quadrant frontier.
  • "All Our Crusades": Aboard the Coalition vessel Steadfast, Tzenkethi commander makes a bold decision, ignoring Autarch's orders and preventing the destruction of another innocent civilization.
  • "The Means to an End": Players learn more about the first contact between the Tzenkethi and Lukari and the origin of Coalition protomatter weaponry - Aarn Tzen-Tarrak hires Madran to steal Lukari technology, seeing it as a way to replace Autarch and save his people from certain doom.
  • "A Divided Duty": Admiral Tzen-Tarrak deals with insubordination, as his science officer attempts to sabotage the protomatter bomb and prevent the Tzenkethi from destroying another planet. Admiral outplays him, replacing the real bomb with a decoy, and executes him for treason.
  • "What Rough Beast": The Uuli, a noncorporeal lifeforms, attempt to end the Tzenkethi aggression on their star system by destroying the crystals themselves. Despite this, the Tzenkethi continue to pursue an aggressive stance which the Uuli answer back by going to war for the first time in eons.

Military[edit | edit source]

A militant and highly intelligent species, Tzenkethi are a force that can match any member of the Alliance.

Ground Combat[edit | edit source]

Tzenkethi ground forces are able to keep their enemies on their toes by being outfitted with technology that allows them to potentially deploy multiple types of drones, or fire a grenade launcher with multiple firing modes.

Proud, higher ranking Tzenkethi are outfitted with the best technology available. However, if a Tzenkethi officer feels technology isn’t getting the job done, he will throw down his weapons and use his natural might to finish the battle.

Space Combat[edit | edit source]

Tzenkethi vessels are highly resilient, and the strength of their shields is tough to rival. However, no design is without its weakness. In order for the Tzenkethi to accommodate the strength of weaponry they desired, they needed to sacrifice their forward-facing shield power. In addition, this also meant that they needed to localize their weaponry to keep efficiency up. This resulted in their primary means of damage to be front-facing as well. To make up for the weapon loadout disparity, they equipped all of their ships with familiar mobile capabilities, such as Lock Trajectory.

Tzenkethi Cruisers are able to make other vessels in the fleet operate more efficiently when they are in close proximity by extending a Processing Beam.

Higher rank Tzenkethi ships come equipped with long range protomatter-laced weaponry. While these weapons can’t lock on to a ship post-launch, they are extremely potent to an unaware target. As an additional benefit to the protomatter aspect of the weaponry and Tzenkethi technology, the explosions leave behind volatile radioactive clouds. These clouds are extremely dangerous to non-Tzenkethi ships. However, Tzenkethi have adapted their technology to reuse and draw in protomatter; this provides their ships with increased restorative properties and strengthened defensive capabilities.

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