Two of Eight (Nimbus III)

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Faction Neutral.pngTwo of Eight
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Nimbus III
Bar owner

Two of Eight is a Liberated Borg bar owner in Paradise City on Nimbus III.

He can be found in the bar at Paradise City. He is very secretive, stating only that he's "minding his own business" when asked why he is in Paradise City.

Missions involved[edit | edit source]

  • ALL “The Lost City of Paradise”: The player approaches Two of Eight for information. He informs the player that the thalaron weapons are being held outside of Paradise City, and that others have gone looking for them in the past, and that some never returned. When the player returns from the desert alive, he tells the player to talk to Law.
  • ALL “Blind Men Tell All Tales”: To win over the local populace, player installs a replicator in Two of Eight's bar. Two of Eight reveals that the Orion Syndicate has a stronghold somewhere outside the city walls.