Tuula Sajita

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Tuula Sajita
Explosives Expert — Ground
[GR] Chance to cause Radiation AOE on Exploit Attack
  • Faction: Faction KDF.png Klingon Empire
  • Quality: Ultra Rare
  • Species: Xindi-Arboreal
  • Gender: Female
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Department: Doff dept Klingon Operations.png Operations
  • Specialization: Explosives Expert
    Each time you fire on a foe with an Exploit Attack, you have a chance to cause a small radiation explosion at the target to deal extra damage to them and any other nearby foes.

    10% chance: 5m radius at target:
    8 - 39.8 Radiation Damage (Split among primary target and up to 4 other foes)
  • Traits