Tribble Farming

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Summary[edit | edit source]

Tribble Farming is a phrase which commonly refers to certain methods of finding or growing Tribbles, usually for purposes of gaining Gold-Pressed Latinum. Not to be confused with Tribble Breeding done to gain higher tier Tribbles for increased buffs.

Details[edit | edit source]

Tribble Farming is normally done on characters that are part of the Klingon Empire to take advantage of the Tribble Bounty assignment available from Klingon Security Officers on Ganalda Station, Deep Space Nine and Qo'nos First City.

Typical Tribble Farming requires the following:

  • At least one Cannibal Tribble, available from the Exchange or by feeding any Tribble a Baked Tribble or Tribble Kebab.
  • Food and/or drink consumables, available from the Exchange, the Replicator or dropped randomly by ground enemies.
  • Tribbles, both for the Cannibal Tribble to consume and for purposes of breeding more Tribbles. (For breeding purposes, specialty Tribbles such as the Gamma Quadrant, Triolic, Cryo or other such Tribbles are recommended as they will not be consumed by the Cannibal Tribble)

Every hour on the hour, when Tribbles breed, Cannibal Tribbles feed and consume one Tribble per Cannibal Tribble, producing the item Tribble Carcass. Once a player has ten (10) Tribble Carcasses in their Inventory, they can take them to any of the aforementioned Klingon Security Officers and use them in the Tribble Bounty assignment, success in which rewards 1000 Gold-Pressed Latinum.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Baked Trible and Tribble Kebab are available through the Exchange or by supplying Tribbles to the Cook in the ship's Mess Hall or through the Duty Officer Console.
  • Players using the playable Federation Klingon C-Store species will find that, despite their faction, Tribbles react to them as they would as a KDF Klingon and provide no buff, but that they are unable to access the Tribble Bounty assignment at Starfleet Security Officers.