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Queue Update[edit | edit source]

  • Players will now have greater success when joining Queues in progress, where previously it was failing to allow users to join at all. Joining public queues isn't 100% yet, but getting better. Private queue joining appears ok.
  • Players will now be allowed to join in progress PVE maps up to 15 minutes after they have started.
  • Public PVE queues now have a minimum number of 8 players to start, however if after 5 minutes no map has started this number will be reduced to 5. This is to test some new options on whether we can have a "fallback" lower number if the preferred number of players in the public queue is not met.

Queue Known Issues[edit | edit source]

  • If you select to join a queue, the timer to maptransfer will click down to 0 but still wait 60 more seconds to move you. So if you are waiting to transfer and your UI says transfer in 0, wait a minute and see if it still moves you.
  • Some queues are still failing to launch.

Foundry Update[edit | edit source]

The Foundry is still off as we work to correct the issues that caused corruption in your Foundry projects when they updated to the Season 4 codebase. This build includes some fixes for dialog trees that had gone missing, the ability to view reviews, and the ability to set an NPC on a visibility trigger. The Foundry will remain off to create until we have a chance to test these fixes and then republish your missions and ensure they are correct. Once we have done that we will begin to open up Foundry functionality again. ETA to have the Foundry fully back up and restored is early next week.

Other Issues[edit | edit source]

There are other issues that we continue to work on and will make additional patches as soon as we can.

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