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General[edit | edit source]

  • Nanite Health Monitor now has only 3 charges instead of infinite charges
    • This will also fix the overhealing issue that Ogen has on Infected ground.
    • NHM also properly clears Borg Assimilation Nanites in all situations.
  • Ships with fighters will now show their hanger bays correctly.
  • Klingons can now enter Alpha Centauri Sector Block from Psi Velorum Sector Block
  • Klingons can now enter Regulus Sector Block from Psi Velorum Sector Block
  • Fixed an issue that allowed any item to go in a weapon slot.
  • Fixed a bug where it's possible to get spammed with a join/leave message in the queue system
  • Fixed a crash that was occurring with dabo.
  • Fixed the lighting/shadow issues that players were seeing throughout the game

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