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General[edit | edit source]

  • Space weapons will now obey their appropriate firing arcs
  • The crashes caused by having DirectX11 enabled have been resolved. DirectX11 is still not an option.
  • Saving your UI presets in Space and Loading it on Ground no longer applies the Space controls to the ground character and vice versa.
  • The Loading screen resolution has been updated.
  • Players that leave a queue will no longer get stuck in a queue they aren’t actually in.
  • Klingon specific loading screens have been added
  • Klingons can now enter the Regulus Sector Block from the Pi Canis Sector Block
  • The generic loading screen has been changed from a Starfleet logo to a starfield.
  • The minimum cap for a private fleet action to star has been adjusted to 5 players.
  • The Peregrine Fighter now has the shuttle interior hooked up to it.
  • PvE Queue and player mission levels for Fleet Actions have been adjusted
    • Federation
      • Starbase 24, Level 4
      • Halting the Gorn Advance, Level 11
      • Klingon Scout Force, Level 21
      • Breaking the Planet, Level 21
      • The Big Dig, Level 31
      • Crystalline Catastrophe, Level 41
      • Gekli Feeding Grounds, Level 51
    • Klingon
      • Klingon Minefield, Level 11
      • Breaking the Planet, Level 21
      • The Big Dig, Level 31
      • The Crystalline Catastrophe, Level 41
      • Gekli Feeding Grounds, Level 51

Systems[edit | edit source]

  • The health of and shields of Security Escorts have been improved.
  • Hypospray and Shield charges have been updated
    • Small Shield Charge/Hypospray: 40% of your base instantly
    • Medium Shield Charge /Hypospray: 60% of your base instantly
    • Large Shield Charge /Hypospray: 80% of your base instantly
  • Bridge officer powers that have been dragged into your powers tray can now be removed and no longer overwrite existing boff powers.

Missions[edit | edit source]

  • The Qo’noS tour missions have been updated so they can no longer be accepted out of order.
    • This resolves the issue with uncompletable missions in this arc.

Character[edit | edit source]

  • Gorn Updates
    • There are now a variety of head and uniform presets
    • There are new customization options in the tailor
      • Leather bracers, leather collar, a chest strap, additional vest options, head spikes, allow bare chests with armor or a vest
      • There are now face proportion scaling sliders.
      • The default Gorn Preset is bare chested

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