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Ground Combat Updates[edit | edit source]

  • Shooter Mode
    • There is now an alternate firing mode called “shooter mode”. Shooter mode is very responsive, and allows for quicker acquisition of targets via the targeting reticule. Use L-Mouse and R-Mouse to fire your primary and secondary attack on your weapon. Middle mouse will activate your melee attack. You can, however, still use the keyboard keys - 1, 2, and 3 - if you prefer. Notice you can fire your weapon without a target while in shooter mode, and players can now miss targets.
  • Swap to shooter mode
    • Use the N key to Swap between Shooter and RPG mode. If you open a menu (like your skill page) while in shooter mode, you will temporarily drop back to RPG mode, so you can maintain control over your character.
  • Classic controls are unaffected
    • It was important to us to maintain the classic RPG control scheme in STO. You can continue to play with the original control, use the new Shooter controls, or switch back and forth on-the-fly at any time.
  • New Options
    • To help preserve the classic controls, there is now a new set of shooter mode controls and keybinds in the options menu, so you can manage both independently.
  • All values have been updated
    • Although the classic control mechanics are preserved in STO, the ground game has been completely rebalanced. All values including HP, damage, and most ground Kit and Captain Abilities have been modified and updated.
  • Tooltips
    • You can see a lot of the above reflected in the new tooltips. There is a lot more info in the new tooltips, and you will now be able to better see how your skills affect all your ground abilities.
  • Pacing

Once of the most significant changes is in the pacing of ground combat. Overall, it is significantly more visceral. Response times and activate times are much quicker and gratifying. Recharge times on the secondary fire for most weapons have been greatly reduced. The overall pacing has greatly improved. We wanted the player to feel powerful, so low ranking critters can be taken out much more quickly. However, commanders have gotten more deadly and will take thought to overcome.

  • Difficulty Slider Updates
    • Additionally, switching to Advanced or Elite difficulty will give critters a few more HP, but not much. However, they will deal more damage, and some will even gain new abilities. As always, playing at a higher difficulty setting will earn you better rewards.
  • Cover
    • STO has a simple cover mechanic. Crouching behind a tall object can break line of site from your foe.
  • R and T key
    • Since you no longer have a free mouse to access other Kits and captain abilities, you can either switch to RPG mode to utilize your powers, or you can use the new R and T key functionality. If you set your powers UI to card 3, you will then have a brick of power slots that form three lines. You can place powers on the top and middle line, as usual, but now you can easily access them in shooter mode with your mouse keys. By pressing R all of the powers on line 2 will be placed on your first line, so instead of pressing “Ctrl+1” to use a power you can simply click your 1 key or your L Mouse button. This makes all of y our powers more accessible while in shooter mode. (The functionality of this may change!)
  • Kit and Captain Abilities
    • As mentioned before, most have been overhauled to work better with the new mechanics. In RPG mode, like always, all abilities require a target. However in Shooter mode, it works differently. If ability can target self or friend, you won't need a target. For instance, if you target an ally with a heal, you will heal that target. If you have no friendly target, you will heal yourself. Kit or Captain Abilities that harm or debuff a single foe still requires a target, even in shooter mode. This is to prevent misfires of abilities that have large cooldowns. However, Kit and Captain abilities that are AoE do not require a target to activate in shooter mode. If you have no target, the ability will activate at max range. So, for instance, you can place a Dampening field at a point on the ground in shooter mode.
  • Grenades
    • In shooter mode, grenades no longer require a target to activate. They can even be thrown over walls. Damage has been increased.
  • All weapons updated
    • You will now see a significant difference between each weapon’s damage and effective range.
    • Pistols have the highest DPS but the shortest range
    • Rifles hit harder per shot but have a lower dps due to recharge times. They are mid to long range.
    • Assaults do more mid to short range burst damage.
  • Weapon melee
    • Melee can be activated with the middle mouse button or the 3 key. It is now a combo. The rifle combo is the most advanced, while the Assault combo is more limited. Rifle Combos will change attacks automatically. The first always tries to push the target back, but if the target has grown resistant to knock backs, the combo will automatically change to expose attacks. Once the target is exposed, the combo will again change to Exploit attacks.
  • New Weapons
    • Assault Rapid sweep - Is now a Full Auto Rifle, and now uses Soldier skill instead of Special Forces. It’s much faster and responsive, and its secondary attack can be swept across targets.
    • Pulsewave rifle and Assault Arcwave - Both of these weapons are now the Pulsewave. We combined the secondary attacks of both weapons into one. The Pulsewave is now effectively an energy shotgun. Its fast and powerful, and both attacks do more damage the closer you are to the target.
    • Assault Multi-Beam - This weapon was given the most significant upgrade. It is now a minigun! Both attacks have a spool-up time, but are very high in damage. Its secondary attack fires an extremely long burst that can be swept across multiple targets.

Power Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Engineering:
    • All fabrication abilities now have appropriate replicator fx based on whether you are Federation or Klingon.
    • Equipment Diagnostics - basically the same. Still cures Mechanical Debuffs, but now also gives a shield and damage resistance buff.
    • Combat Supply - Now creates a clickable crate that you can go to and retrieve temporary hypos, shield charges and power cell devices.
    • Medical Generator - the generator now simply has a healing/Damage Resistance aura around it. It no longer heals/buffs one target at a time.
    • Turret Fabrication - now summons a phaser turret for Federation and a Disruptor turret for Klingons. Each version of Turret Fabrication (I, II and III) comes with an increasingly better weapon.
    • Seeker Drone - No longer requires a target to summon. Drone acts more like Security Escort and will follow you and attack any nearby foes. Now summons a phaser Drone for Federation and a Disruptor Drone for Klingons. Each version of Seeker Drone (I, II and III) comes with an increasingly better weapon.
    • Support Drone - Now summons a phaser Drone for Federation and a Disruptor Drone for Klingons. Its weapons are minimal (one beam - no longer has wide beam), but it comes with Engineering buffs - Equipment Diagnostics, Quick Fix, and Shield Recharge (based on its Version - I, II, or III). Will stay by its assigned target. Support Drone will follow and assist you and only attack foes that attack you. If you select an ally (Away Team member, another fabricated device like a turret or another drone, or any other ally), the support drone will assist that target.
    • Transphasic Bomb is now functioning as it was meant to.
    • Orbital Strike - Fixed and awesome. Also, the Klingon version is a Disruptor.
  • Tactical:
    • Focus Fire - is now Battle Strategies. This ability was changed because it was mostly redundant with Fire on My Mark. Now, Battle Strategies first applies a short duration buff that removes tactical debuffs and any enemy that attacks the target will have a chance of betting Exposed. Also improves the targets damage for an hour. Can be used on yourself or an ally.
    • Leg Sweep - Is now Sweeping Strikes. It's now a heavy melee combo or cone attacks (hits more than one target) Has no recharge time.
    • Motion Accelerator - Is about the same, but will be a PBAoE buff that adds resistance to Holds, Stuns, Roots and slows.
    • Suppressing Fire - Is about the same, but will be a PBAoE buff that grants you and your ally's weapons the ability to slow their targets with a chance to root.
    • Lunge - is now a Kirk Drop Kick (just an animation change, but pure awesome)
    • Target Optics - simplified so it no longer needs a foe target to activate. If there are any enemy targets in front of you, they may be exposed when you activate Target Optics
    • Tuned/simplified Plasma grenade
  • Science:
    • Hypospray Dylovene - basically the same. Still cures Toxic, but now also gives a one hour Physical damage buff and a Max HP buff.
    • Nanoprobe Infestation - fixed and greatly simplified. Simply infects the target with a damage resistance debuff that can infect nearby targets.
    • Thermal Vents - Now Exothermic Induction Field. Same basic powers (just a name and art change so you are not summoning volcanoes inside starships)
    • Gravitic Field - Now Gravimetric Shift Electro. Same basic powers (just a name and art change so you are not summoning volcanoes inside starships).
    • Geophysics - (This refers to the Sklii/Stat not a kit ability) Note the stat is now called Physics. It’s the same stat and it modified the same powers. Just a name change to better reflect the name changes to Thermal Vents and Gravitc Field.
    • Simplified and tuned Hyperonic radiation.
    • Simplified and tuned Sonic Pulse

Power Updates[edit | edit source]

  • There has been a general reduction in health and shield strength as part of our Ground Combat 2.0 Upgrade.
  • Tooltips have become more informative and descriptive across all powers and weapons.
  • Weapons Malfunction will now also debuff the targets weapon damage.
  • Fixed Breen CRM 200 secondary fire so it now properly freezes enemies.
  • The recharge time adjusts over rank for Mine Barrier, Cover Shield, Anesthizine Gas, and Dampening Field.
  • Engineering turret fabrication now summons a differnt type of turret based on Rank of the kit power. Klingons now summon disruptor turrets.
  • Reduced chance for Procs for all ground weapons to compensate for new pace of ground combat.
  • The cast-time for powers have generally been decreased.
  • Scientific Aptitude now protects you from roots.
  • Reduced the duration ground stuns and holds.
  • Stuns are now fragile
  • Vascular Regenerator will now properly extinguish a plasma fire DoT on you or your allies.
  • Fire Extinguisher and Breen CRM 2000 will now extinguish plasma fires from plasma grenades.
  • Fixed Icon for Bite trait and Feline Instinct trait (they were reversed).
  • Fixed dampening field to work with shooter mode
  • STO: Fixed CRM 200 cone firing off if you spam the primary power.
  • Tuned/simplified Pistol Stun and ground weapon stun enhancement.
  • Fixed Dampening field so it can be cast anywhere in shooter mode.
  • Fixed Dampening field debuff icon.
  • Added new lasers to sniper Rifles
  • Fixed seeker and support drone death power so they dont linger around with bad fx.
  • Weapon Changes (replacements, etc)
  • The "Hold" display name has been changed to "Stun"
  • Players can no longer roll while using powers.
  • Altered Combat Supply to drop a crate with items for allied players, rather than granting powers directly.

New Qo’noS[edit | edit source]

  • The Qo’noS map has been completely overhauled.
  • Klingon players that logged out in Old Qo’noS should spawn appropriately in new Qo’noS

On Demand Patching[edit | edit source]

  • STO now supports On-Demand Patching. Instead of downloading every file that the game ever needs before running the game, the launcher will now just download required and commonly used files. This will lead to much faster initial installs and getting back into the game more quickly after large updates. As you play the game, if another file is needed, the game will automatically patch it on demand. For those who want to keep the current behavior of downloading the full patch before being able to play, you can check the option “Disable on-demand patching” in the game launcher options.

The PvE Queue[edit | edit source]

  • Players can access the Fleet Action Queue via the drop down arrow on the bottom right of the minimap UI. From this queue, a player can choose to join a fleet action in progress or wait for a new one to start. Players can also start a private queue where they set the level of the map, as well as whether or not squad support is on. Private queues can be set from level 6 to 51 and the creator can set a password if he wants to make it completely private. In total, 20 people can be in a single private queue. For this first pass, Federation and Klingon players can play either Gorn Minefield or the Romulan Temple. The remaining fleet actions will be added in the near future.

Vivox Voice Chat Integration[edit | edit source]

  • Whenever you join a team or fleet, you will automatically be added to a voice chat channel.
  • The default Push to Talk key is ‘b’.
  • There’s a separate Voice Chat tab in the options window to change your preferences.

General[edit | edit source]

  • Moving bridge officer costume presets to proper folder location, fixing Klingon costume tailor errors preventing character creation from completing, reordering/naming some parts to move old and no longer useable parts to the bottom of the list, adding new Gorn categories and species data
  • Directx11 is now supported
  • All sectors have been opened up for Klingons except for the Sirius Block.
  • The debuff Icons for bites has been updated
  • Enemy Critter groups now use different and more powerful abilities as the player moves up the difficulty slider.
  • All Food stack Limits are now 20 (like most other consumables). If you currently have a stack of food greater than 20, that stack will be fine.:
  • Added minor Bonus damage to all ground and space weapons based on rarity
  • Each rank does 5% more damage than the one before it
  • So a purple weapon would do 15% more damage than a white weapon
  • Interact window in sector space will now fade out after a few seconds if you do not interact with it.
  • Change ALL target distances on ALL valid sector doors.
  • Spelling Errors in the skill tree for "Qorgh Raptor Captain" have been resolved
  • Transwarp powers have had their cooldowns reduced from 30 minutes to 15 minutes.
  • NPC sit animations have been tuned so NPC’s sit more easily and realistically in chairs
  • Teams will be formed automatically for all pvp and pve queues.

Systems[edit | edit source]

  • The Borg have been updated:
  • Borg now adapt to your weapons on a per-player, by energy type basis.
  • Use a new Frequency Remodulator to clear Borg adaptation to your ground weapons (or fight hand-to-hand).
  • The Frequency Modulator is available in your ship replicator
  • Borg assimilation applies a long-term debuff that can cause you to become assimilated, in which case your character becomes a Borg drone and starts attacking allies on its own.
  • Borg now have shields by default, except for the ensign-level drones.
  • Borg neural suppressant hold duration and chance has been reduced.
  • Assimilation no longer causes random holds.
  • Updated Red Matter Capacitor to repair all subsystems, rather than just Auxiliary.

FX[edit | edit source]

  • Klingons now have a red scanning effect when using their scanner.
  • Hooked up new replicator spawn fx for Shield Generator, Medical Generator, Combat Supply, Force Field dome, Mines Barrier, Phaser Turret, Quantum Mortar (new critter group)
  • Updated the look of the plasma fire DOT and the Plasma grenade fire patch.
  • All weapon effects have been updated for every energy type, and every weapon type.

Character[edit | edit source]

  • Uniform Updates
  • Player armor and uniforms have been updated with new normal map compression. This allows us to display our uniforms and armor at roughly 4 times their previous resolution, at the same memory cost.
  • Gorn Updates:
    • Gorn now have new geometry, textures, etc. This is a complete replacement for the old Gorn art. Your Grom player costumes can now have taller, bulkier proportions, as well as access bare-chest uniform options.
      • IMPORTANT NOTE: When you log in, your Gorn will look the same. You can do nothing and keep it as it looks now. The next time you enter the tailor and purchase your costume, your Gorn will be instantly updated to the new look, and once you accept the changes, you will forever have the new Gorn look. You cannot go back once accepting the changes. This applies to all player characters and bridge officers.
  • New Uniform Material Options
    • Many Federation uniforms now have the option to choose between Glossy and Matte material options. When a uniform that has this option is chosen, a new “Material” dropdown box will appear and allow you to make your material choice. Currently the Antares, Sierra, and Jupiter uniforms have this ability.
    • Female Federation players will have access to 3 new skirts, and 2 new boots in the Antares/Sierra style.
      • NOTE: This is NOT unlocked in this build for Tribble, but will be unlocked next build.
  • Federation players can now use most any badge they own with most any uniform they own. Certain badges have alternate versions available to ensure compatibility: For example, the default Terran Mirror Universe badge sits in the same spot as the pips on most jackets, so an alternate version was created on the opposite side of the jacket.
  • New customization options have been added for some species
    • 2 new Trill spot patterns,
    • 2 new Andorian and Aenar antenna options (also updated the old Andorian and Aenar antenna)
  • The following NPC critter groups have received a costume polish pass:
    • Jem'Hadar, Cardassian, Changeling, Vorta, Borg, Borg Infected NPC, TNG Borg, Breen, Devidian, Hirogen, Mirror Universe, Nausicaan, Orion, Reman, Undine, and Klingon

Audio[edit | edit source]

  • The crystalline entity has received an audio pass
  • All weapons have received an audio pass.
  • All energy types now have unique audio

UI[edit | edit source]

  • The power tray in space now has a fourth mode which provides a 3 row block of power slots plus the existing bridge officer powers tray at the same time.
  • It's now possible to resize the bridge officer tray cell and the bridge officers will wrap to the width of the cells.
  • There is a brand new ship store and customization UI
  • Waypoint/Node improvements have been made for sector space auto travel.
  • The Fleet Compose tab and the Compose tab in the mail window have been combined. There will now be a radio button to allow you to choose between sending a message to the fleet or to a specific player.
  • The fleet uniform UI has been tuned

Ship[edit | edit source]

  • The Klingon type 1 material has been tweaked.
  • The Guramba Siege Destroyer will now display the Aegis texture on all of its stanchions.
  • Removed some excessive glow from the bottoms of Galaxy hulls.
  • Fixed a texture error on the top and bottom of the Defiant

Missions[edit | edit source]

  • Commander Cleveland's face now matches his portrait in “War is Good for Business”
  • Klingon missions that went through Qo’noS have received a text pass to accommodate for their presence in new Qo’noS
  • Updated the Romulan Temple to prevent premature resets.
  • Deep Space Encounters will no longer auto agro. Players have to choose to engage them.
  • Non-combat diplomacy missions are now repeatable.

Foundry[edit | edit source]

  • There has been a lot of back end stability and usability updates. This will require an auto-republish of all existing Foundry missions.
  • New Features
    • Object previews in the map editor
    • Ability to specify object Y position relative to terrain, geometry, or absolute zero
    • Triggers can be used to show/hide dialog buttons
    • Objects can now trigger from completion of specific dialog prompts
    • Costume editor improvements
      • As well as the addition of sliders

Known Issues[edit | edit source]

  • Population in social zones has been reduced temporarily.
  • The Foundry creation is OFF for this initial tribble push.
  • Transphasic bomb doesn’t work properly. Players can place the bomb correctly, but cannot detonate it.
  • Opening chat configuration in chat window causes Vivox UI elements to disappear.
  • Visual changes to transforming ships (MVAM) are not applied outside tailor.
  • DSEs are inaccessible if you out-rank the encounters

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