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General[edit | edit source]

  • Seeker Drones can no longer be called in social maps.
  • The Romulan Featured Episode rewards have been turned off.
    • Specifically the emblems and reman boff
  • Klingon Episode "Bringing Down the House" has remastered rewards
    • Specifically emblems and a klingon version of the azura com device
  • The harpeng torpedo's initial damage has been buffed
  • 500 day Veteran Rewards are in for players that have unlocked them
  • Teams will now spawn within a tighter radius of each other, alleviating issues where players would spawn inside of walls.
    • This is a game wide update
  • Remastered Episode Fixes
    • You can no longer see vulcan ground while in the shuttle interior
    • The mushrooms on imaga ground have been moved to allow for a clear landing pad for the bird of prey
    • The Klingon captain has been removed from the bird of prey interior on "Doomsday Device" and replaced with a lower tiered enemy
    • The issue that caused the bird of prey to move on it's own while fighting the doomsday machine has been resolved
    • Players can now visit the Vulcan social map again

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